Release Notes for 10.15


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New Enhancements

Epic and Theme Budgeting:


  • A new Planned Budget field was added to themes. This enables organizations who budget at the theme level to set a high-level budget, and then compare that budget to the lower-level budgets being set on the epic.
  • To support this comparison, users can view both the theme budget and the rolled up epic budgets together (along with variances) on the Theme Budget page (available via the Theme Budget link on the theme slide-out panel). 


Two new fields were added to the epic Finance tab:

  • Spend to Date enables organizations who track spending on epics (both labor and non-labor costs) outside of AgileCraft to manually enter a dollar value to represent what's been spent to date.
  • Estimate at Completion enables the same type of tracking, but for the anticipated total spend on the epic by the time the epic is complete.

Stand-Alone Feature:

  • Features that do not have an assigned parent work item will show the epic Finance tab.   

These fields are also added as configurable columns to Enterprise Status Reports and are configurable in the terminology section.  The Epic Export Report will now include columns for Spend to Date and Estimate at Completion.  The Feature Export Report will now include columns for all epic finance details to account for Stand-Alone Features.


Six new fields are now configurable in the terminology section:

  • Total CapEx
  • Total OpEx
  • External CapEx
  • External OpEx
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Spend to Date

Time Tracking

Performance/usability improvements:

  • Projects and Administrative codes are hidden in expandable drawers on the Time Entry page.
  • Time approvers can now approve time much faster from the slide-out panel.

JIRA Connector

Read-only permissions were added for the users to allow them to view the connector data without the editing capabilities.


Defect Areas Fixes

Program Room

  • Fixed an error that was appearing when switching views.
  • Fixed an issue with a missing icon for expanding Capabilities.
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Filter not working.
  • Fixed an issue with the Team Load and Checklist widgets disappearing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Runway widget setting not saving.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue when the filter by Release Vehicle did not limit the Features shown.
  • Fixed an issue when a user could not read a Target Sprints warning which was cut off on the right side of the feature's slide-out panel.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect logic for a Dependency with No Work Required.
  • Fixed an issue with retention of selection in the Program Orphans dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue with a Dependency sprint not being highlighted in red when past due.
  • Fixed an issue with color coding.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cancelled objective showing in red instead of brown.

Time Entry

  • Fixed an issue with shifted data in Projects/Administration total hours entered per day.
  • Fixed an error that was appearing when updating Task Sets on Work Codes.

Time Approval

  • Fixed an issue with the View Details section not working.

JIRA Deleted Issues

  • Fixed an issue with missing buttons and fields.


  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect count of Programs and Teams on a Release Vehicle card.

Team Room

  • Fixed an issue with the welcome screen button Don’t show me this again not working.


  • Fixed an issue when Quality and Defect permission bits were not working.
  • Fixed an issue when permissions for Program Teams were not working.


  • Fixed an issue with Progress By Product report giving an internal server error.
  • Fixed a scheduled email issue.
  • Fixed an issue with a parent Program not appearing on the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed the naming convention for Impediments throughout the application.


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