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For a more efficient work process, you can quickly view, create, and edit themes, epics, capabilities, features, and stories. The Fast Edit module has two panels: Work Hierarchy and Visual Map.

Note: To view this functionality, the Work Item Mind Map permission should be enabled for each work item, and the Enterprise > Mind Maps system role permission should be enabled.

You can dynamically create a work hierarchy without initially saving it into Jira Align. The hierarchy consists of work item nodes, which are themes, epics, features, and stories with parent and child relationships. Down the hierarchy, you can edit existing items and add new ones.

The visualization builder on the right panel dynamically creates a visual map, representing a work hierarchy. The two panels are tied together, so as you open and close nodes on the right, the same happens on the left, and vice versa. On a visual map, if the item’s name is on the right side of a circle, it means that it is the last item in the hierarchy and if it is on the left side, it is a parent node and you can click the item to expand it.

The items you add to the work hierarchy are temporary work items. This is basically your personal work hierarchy. Other people will not see it until you synchronize the items. When finished, you can save your hierarchy for future editing or push the hierarchy work items directly into Jira Align.


Shortcut keys

Use the following shortcuts when building your visualization:

  • Arrow keys to navigate through the objects.
  • Ctrl (for Windows) or Command (for Mac) + Left to hide all children.
  • Ctrl (for Windows) or Command (for Mac) + Right to show all hidden children.
  • Tab to create a child or change the task type.
  • Shift + Tab to return to a parent work item.
  • Enter to create an item at the current level.
  • Right-click to view more options:
    Delete – Remove an item if you do not need it anymore (only for new items).
    View Details – Open the item’s slide-out details panel (only for existing items).
    Undo Rename – Change the item’s name back to what it was (only for existing items).

Fast edit

As an example, this topic describes how to build a feature hierarchy.

To fast edit work items:

  1. Navigate to the features page:
    a. If you’re using the new navigation, Select Programs in the top navigation bar and select the program you want to view information about. Then, on the sidebar, select Features.
    b. If you’re using the old navigation, select Program from the left Nav menu bar, and then select Features under Manage.
  2. In the Features grid, select the feature you want to build a hierarchy for.
  3. On the slide-out panel, click the Fast Edit button on the right side.
  4. On the Work Hierarchy panel, you can view the current hierarchy of the item and edit it. You can do the following:

    • To edit an existing item, click it and make your changes. Edited items are marked in orange.
    • To add a new item, click Enter. New items are marked in blue. Repeat as needed and use the shortcut keys to build your hierarchy.
    Note: Parent nodes are expandable and collapsible.

  5. As you build your hierarchy, use the following options:

    Reset. Clears only temporary items (blue and orange).
    Expand. Shows the visualization of your work hierarchy.

  6. When finished, you can save or sync your hierarchy:
    • To save your hierarchy for future editing, click Save & Close.
    • To push the hierarchy work items directly into Jira Align, click Sync (see the procedure below). The items will not appear in Jira Align until you synchronize them.

Sync your hierarchy

Synchronize your hierarchy to create work items in Jira Align represented by the nodes you created in your map visualization.

  1. On the Work Hierarchy panel, click Sync.
  2. In the Sync Work Item Mass Add dialog box, review the changes and look through the error messages. You might need to revise your changes or assign a different program to items using the drop-down menus.
  3. Click the Sync button. The work items are created in Jira Align, and the text becomes black on the Work Hierarchy panel.


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