Release Notes for 10.14


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New Enhancements

Time Tracking

Timesheet Approval usability improvements:

  • Timesheet approvers now see only submitted timesheets by default, so there is considerably less data loaded in the view. Users can refine the filter to display timesheets with other statuses in the view.
  • The approving flow was enhanced to provide a one-click way to approve and reject timesheets. Sending a message along with approve/reject is still available but is now optional.
  • The status of timesheets is updated immediately after the approve/reject action without refreshing the page.

Timesheet performance improvements: The performance on the timesheet entry pages was improved to provide a better experience when working with timesheets.

Timesheet submit date and time: Time tracking users who submitted their timesheets can now see the date and time when the timesheet was submitted and approved, so they could verify that timesheet was submitted and approved in compliance with the time tracking policy in the organization.


Roadmaps can now be exported into the CSV format.

Epic Business Model Canvas

A Business Model Canvas can now be created and directly tied to an Epic. This is accessible from the actions menu on the Epic details panel and conveniently opens the visualization inline.


Defect Areas Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect award image was displayed on the user's Profile page.
  • Fixed an issue with multiplying the awards.


  • Fixed an issue where the Configuration bar loading caused performance issues when logging in.

Configuration Bar

  • Fixed the terminology issue on the Configuration bar for the Program Increment name.
  • Fixed an issue where users could see the Program Increments they are not working in on the Configuration bar.
  • Fixed an issue with orphan objects: the Configuration bar is not filtering Teams. The Configuration bar now filters teams in the Orphans list.


  • Fixed an issue in the Dependency grid and details where the Committed By date field did not disappear after the dependency was uncommitted.

Recycle Bin

  • Fixed an issue where story points in Stories were not preserved after moving the story into the recycle bin.

Time Entry

  • Fixed an issue with the time tracking when the beginning of a project is other day than Monday.
  • Fixed the issues related to error messaging.

Time Approval

  • Fixed an issue where separate filters did not work together on the Time Approval page.
  • Fixed an issue when the list of Team Members did not update after closing the Assign Delegates dialog box.
  • Fixed couple of flow issues related to the approval workflow.

Kanban Board

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not create the child columns on the second, third, and fourth levels.
  • Fixed an issue where a card could not be moved from the Backlog and Archive to Kanban columns.


  • Fixed an issue where personas were duplicated if they were not assigned.


  • Fixed an issue where competitors could not be managed by users who were not Super Admins.

Product Room

  • Fixed an issue where completed story points for persona were adding up once the story got moved to the Test Complete state instead of Accepted.

Program Room

  • Fixed an issue where the Team Load and Checklist widgets disappeared.

Program Board

  • Fixed an issue where Program Board returned Whoops... error when clicking an Objective for the user that has the permission to access Objectives.

Audit Log

  • Fixed an issue with an audit log not capturing full changes. Audit Log now shows correct changes.


  • Fixed an issue when users can rank the backlog without being members of the Program Team.
  • Fixed an issue when Backlog shows tags that do not exist.

Epic Grid

  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect Portfolio showing up for the Epic Trace report. The portfolios are based on the Programs associated with the item and not the PIs.
  • Added Program Increment to configurable columns in the Epic grid.

Theme Budget

  • Fixed an issue where Team Weeks were displayed instead of Member Weeks in the Total Budget report.
  • Removed the obsolete Alignment Indicator column from the Total Budget report.


  • Fixed an issue with the Velocity Trend report always showing velocity as 0.
  • Fixed an issue with properly recycling work items marked as "removed" in TFS/VSTS.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect and sometimes excessive audit logging.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate parent items being created on reverse sync.
  • Fixed an issue with updating story parent feature maintaining link to the previous feature.
  • Fixed an issue with epics duplicating on reverse sync.


  • Fixed an issue with JIRA Deleted Items report not being accurate. Filtering by Program and JIRA Key, ID, or Name is now available in the JIRA Deleted Items report.


  • Fixed an issue with Team permissions. Now users with the Team Member role have permissions to only view teams without Edit permissions.
  • Fixed an issue with the lack of Operators. Not Equal operator was added to the State filter for the Epics view.
  • Fixed an issue with moving a dollar sign in front of the total budget. Corrected the string format in the Total Budget dialog box for Themes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Epics and Requirement hierarchy.
  • Fixed an issue with closing a Sprint. Scrum Masters can now close the sprint.
  • Fixed an issue with the user import error.
  • Fixed an issue with the Subscribe functionality not working.
  • Fixed an issue with the inconsistent behavior in the bi-directional testing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cancel button teasing at the Feature level.
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