Release Notes for 10.12


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New Enhancements


  • Syncing themes: Users can now sync theme target start/completion dates, health, and PI associations based on edits made to a roadmap. Simply, click the Sync button after modifying themes in a roadmap to sync the data back to AgileCraft.


  • Feature estimation method supports Fibonacci: When a user selects points as the estimation type via Platform > Portfolio in the Administration module, Fibonacci is now a selectable value available under the Feature Estimation Method field. Selecting this parameter enables a Fibonacci sequence of numbers when defining points for a feature in the backlog. Options include: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, and 100.


  • Associate products to AgileCraft objects: Via a product’s Details panel, new drop-down menus allow users to associate products with personas, business model canvases, competitors, detached instances, and visions.

Product Room

  • Coming Soon: Significant progress was made on the new Product Room, which will be released shortly. The Product Room will serve as an information radiator for all facets of your products, including effort distribution, theme effort distribution, effort vs. value, and delivery statistics.

Business Model Canvases

  • New Smart Blocks feature: Users can create new Smart Blocks for business model canvases. Smart blocks render all personas, customers, or competitors tied to a product. If data changes (new personas, customers, or competitors) anywhere in AgileCraft, Smart Blocks are dynamically updated when a business model canvas is refreshed.


    • Support for impersonating TFS/VSTS users when synchronizing work item history that allows for a more accurate representation of who made the changes and when those changes occurred.
    • Fixed the TFS/VSTS menu name in the Administration area.
    • Fixed issue with AgileCraft audit logging across synchronized assets.
    • Added a Visual Studio icon to audit log entries in AgileCraft.
    • Support for synchronizing assets that have moved between programs.
    • Enhanced and improved connector logging.


Customer Love Defect Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a Dependency – Trend Analysis report needed a way to close Quick Details.
  • Fixed an issue where a sprint type in a program increment showed "IP" sprint but the label still showed "H" rather than "I".
  • Fixed an issue with creating two users with the same email.
  • Fixed an issue where WIP by Step did not read configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where a Velocity Trend hover showed same values for Planned and Actual for all teams.
  • Fixed an issue with accepting Part 1 of a split story.


Defect Areas Fixes


  • Whoops error when creating a new user.
  • Time Tracking: Can create employee classifications with the same names.
  • Administration > People: User End Date is removed after clicking Save on the deactivated user's edit page.
  • Administration > Roles: After copying a TT role, the drop-down menu for standard roles is set to Select one with an ID of a newly copied TT role.
  • Time Administration: User cannot enter time for flexible holidays for a period with an old region if the same days are set as holidays for a new region.
  • Time Administration: Approve All button does not approve timesheets which were submitted by an approver from the TA page.
  • Time Administration: Approve All button is enabled for main reporters' and delegated reporters' sections when only 1 section has submitted timesheets.
  • Time Tracking: Toaster with a success update appears after closing a dialog box without changes.
  • Time Reports: Time Submission Metrics report does not contain data for all users.
  • Work Codes: Billing code is saved with an incorrect name.
  • Data about Standard holidays disappears after a user submits all flexible holidays.
  • Time Administration: Message text added by a time approver as a time tracker delegate is not shown in the Comment dialog box on the TA and TSE pages.


  • Orphan Epics: Oops error when selecting Unassigned Backlog from the Program Increment drop-down menu.


  • VSTS/TFS Connector: Excessive tooltip appears after hovering over the TFS Area drop-down menu.
  • VSTS/TFS Connector: Story does not appear in AgileCraft after creating it in TFS.
  • VSTS/TFS Connector: Clearing a state on some stories.


  • Import Defects: Existing defect is not recognized when a defect's ID is provided and a new defect is created.
  • Export Capabilities: Capability is always exported as blocked.


  • User is able to accept Split Part 1 story.
  • Toaster appears in an incorrect place after updating Test Guidance for a Test Plan.


  • Retrospective: Single quotes are not reflected in a chat.
  • Retrospective: Controls are shifted after selecting a program increment and a sprint with a long name.
  • Team Meetings: Team name written in angle brackets does not display on a page.
  • Sprint Review: Dialog boxes for changing story statuses have no messages.
  • Poker Meeting: 500 Internal error appears when a user sets a begin/end date for meeting search.
  • Daily Standup: Team Room page is opened after a user clicks Restart Meeting.


  • Investment vs. Actual: PI in Extra Configs is not tied to terminology.
  • Dependency Trend Analysis: Pop-overs have text running off the card.
  • Goal Balancing Report: Goals are not reflected in the report after selecting a snapshot (syntax error in the console).
  • WIP Report: Accepted counter does not match with accepted stories.
  • Work Tree: 404 error when expanding items in the Strategy view filtered by a theme.
  • Program Board: Items with special characters are displayed incorrectly.
  • Reports Landing: Question drop-down menu is excessive.
  • Status Reports: Epic's name enclosed by angle brackets is not depicted in the Add Notes dialog box.
  • WIP Report > Value Stream view: Error in the console after selecting a team from the Team drop-down menu or switching the Stats toggle and right-clicking some item.
  • WIP Report > State view: State colors are not taken from the User Preferences page.
  • Time Reports: Error in the console appears when the Date is selected.
  • Time Tracking: Report fields do not appear after a user resets the filter for User Attributes Export.


  • Program Room: Actual on stories Runway is not calculated.
  • Program Room: Wrong result when searching items by letters and digits.
  • Team Room: Add Task Time dialog box needs to be expanded.
  • Team Room: Expand All option does not expand all stories.

Work Items

  • Product: Incorrect list of Product Vision is displayed in the Product Vision field.
  • Value Engineering data lost when clicking Save.
  • Risk: Not able to add a few comments one after another.
  • Functional Area: 500 Internal error when a user deletes all items from the last page.
  • Capability Map: Deleted capabilities should not display in the Capability drop-down menu.
  • Objectives: Objective type should not change after cloning.
  • Epics: Custom field values are shown from the previous epic when creating a new one.
  • Defect Add/Edit page: Custom fields are cleared if not all required fields are submitted during saving.
  • Defect Add page: Custom fields are submitted for a new defect with data from the existing defect.
  • Defect Hierarchy: Program Increment on the Configuration bar is changed to GNR when clicking Sprint in a Defect Hierarchy.
  • Defect Hierarchy: User is redirected to the Sprint or Story grid instead of opening a Sprint or Story slide-out panel.
  • Features: db error when saving estimation in points delimited by the comma.
  • Tasks: JIRA icon is displayed in the task creation log.
  • Success Criteria: Filtering by the related epic should be performed by epic's name.
  • Vision: Errors when trying to add an excessive string to a URL.
  • Dependency Maps: Names of work items with special characters are displayed incorrectly.
  • Team Dependency: Dependency name is cut after the quotation.
  • Risks: User is able to save risks without submitting the Mitigation field when it is set as required.
  • Release Vehicle: New Release Vehicle name is not tied to terminology.
  • Stories: Error in the console appears when a user saves the Build Status.
  • Epic: Autocomplete search by special characters in the Apply Filter option does not work.
  • Capabilities: Incorrect toaster is shown when a user saves a capability without a program.
  • Story: Fields are not aligned on the Story page.


  • Hot Fix: Subscribe link on the Hot Fix edit page does not work.
  • Audit Log: Feature is not tied to terminology in a newly copied objective's audit log.
  • Test Cases: Not able to find and add a story to TC via the grid.
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