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The 10.132 release of Enterprise Insights (EI) will not be deployed. We are canceling this deployment to ensure our releases meet our high standards for quality. Environments on the continuous release track will remain on EI version 10.130 until May 10, 2024, when we plan to deploy EI version 10.133. Environments on the bundled release track will remain on EI version 10.130 until May 24, 2024.


  • Reminder: Test Case and Test Case Step views are no longer updated in the current_dw and export_dw schemas, due to the removal of all Quality module objects and database tables from Jira Align. Attachment data related to test cases will no longer be loaded or updated in Enterprise Insights. 
    • Please back up any data in the Test Case and Test Case Step views, which will be removed from Enterprise Insights in version 10.133. 
  • Atlassian Analytics updates: Atlassian Analytics dashboard updates were recently made through an Atlassian Analytics release, not tied to Enterprise Insights deployments.
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