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This article provides an overview of the recommended custom hierarchy size to ensure best performance.

Custom hierarchies and custom rooms are features that are still in development, and we’re currently examining ways to ensure the functionality is performant for all users.

While some objects in custom hierarchies can be created without limitation through the user interface (UI), we’ve added some size limits when creating custom hierarchies and associating work items through the API 2.0. To ensure that all custom hierarchies are performant when viewing a custom room, or filtering roadmaps, the backlog, and grids by a custom hierarchy option, we’re also planning to add size limits in the UI in the future.

For the best performance, we recommend following these current size guidelines for your custom hierarchy, regardless of creation method. These limits are enforced when creating and managing custom hierarchies with the API:

  • Custom hierarchies: 5 custom hierarchies per Jira Align instance
  • Levels: 5 levels per custom hierarchy
  • Options (also commonly known as domains or nodes): 5,000 options per custom hierarchy
  • Work item associations: 25,000 total direct associations with objectives, epics, capabilities, and features per custom hierarchy

As we continue improvements to the functionality, we’re investigating ways to increase the number of supported items so these limits can also be increased.

Additional documentation on custom hierarchies and custom rooms will be added to the Jira Align Help Center when the functionality is made generally available for all users. 

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