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Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to 10.130.X instances on the continuous track on February 23, 2024, and will be deployed to instances on the bundled track on March 1, 2024. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • New feature
  • New content/suggestions
    • HTML tags used for rich-text formatting in Jira Align UI fields are removed from values in the following columns and views within the current_dw and export_dw schemas:
      • Epic Description in Epic and Epic History views
      • Capability Description in Capability and Capability History views
      • Hierarchy Description in Hierarchy view
      • Override Notes in Objective Score Override History view
      • Health Comment in Hierarchy Health History view
    • New capacity planning views have been added to the current_dw and export_dw schemas, related to the capacity planning feature released in Jira Align version 10.126.0:
      • Capacity
      • Capacity Plan
      • Capacity Plan Default Setting


In version 10.130, the following changes were made in Enterprise Insights:

  • The Feature Type column in the Epic view has been removed from the current_dw and export_dw schemas.
    • The column name is inconsistent with the Epic History view, where the column name is Epic Type.
    • Please update your reports and integrations to use the new Epic Type column in the Epic views (current_dw and export_dw schemas), which became available in release 10.123.
  • Test Case and Test Case Step views are no longer updated in the current_dw and export_dw schemas, due to the removal of all Quality module objects and database tables from Jira Align. Attachment data related to test cases will no longer be loaded or updated in Enterprise Insights. 
    • Please backup any data in the Test Case and Test Case Step views, which will be removed from Enterprise Insights in version 10.133. 
  • Atlassian Analytics schema additions: In response to JIRAALIGN-6588, the following success criteria views are now available in the Enterprise Insights schema for Atlassian Analytics. The views are set as visible in the simplified schema:
    • Success Criteria
    • Success Criteria Log

      • You will need to sync the Enterprise Insights schema in Atlassian Analytics to see the new views.
      • If you have removed any joins in the original schema configurations, they will be added back after syncing the schema, and you will need to remove them again. Before syncing the schema, we recommend that you document any original joins you've removed.
      • The schema file for EI 10.130 has been updated to include this change.

New tables

View Name Description

New view:

  • [Base Value Source] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Base Value Type] NVARCHAR(20) NULL
  • [Base Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Time Value Source] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Time Value Type] NVARCHAR(20) NULL
  • [Time Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Buffer Value Source] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Buffer Value Type] NVARCHAR(20) NULL
  • [Buffer Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Percentage Value Source] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Percentage Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Available Capacity Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Date Base Value Updated] DATETIME NULL
  • [Date Time Value Updated] DATETIME NULL
  • [Date Buffer Value Updated] DATETIME NULL
  • [Date Percentage Value Updated] DATETIME NULL
  • [FK Capacity Plan ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK Program ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK User Base Value Updated By ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK User Time Value Updated By ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK User Buffer Value Updated By ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [FK User Percentage Value Updated By ID] INT NOT NULL
Capacity Plan

New view:

  • [Work Item Level] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Date Updated] DATETIME NULL
  • [FK Program Increment ID] INT NULL
  • [FK Agile Object ID] INT NOT NULL
Capacity Plan Default Setting

New view:

  • [Capacity Plan Setting ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Base Value Members] FLOAT NULL
  • [Base Value Points per Sprint] FLOAT NULL
  • [Time Value Weeks] FLOAT NULL
  • [Time Value Sprints] FLOAT NULL
  • [Buffer Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [Percentage Value] FLOAT NULL
  • [FK Portfolio ID] INT NOT NULL


Updated tables

View Name Description
Epic name

Removed column:

  • [Feature Type] NVARCHAR(100) NULL
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