Help Center now Open for Customer Self-Service!

We hope you found our recent Jira Align transition to the Zendesk Support Center helpful. We are excited to bring you the next phase, with the introduction of our new Zendesk Help Center portal.  

The Help Center, which serves as a one-stop show for all customer-specific needs, provides the following features:

  • An online Knowledge Base containing all Help documentation, trouble-shooting workarounds, and best practices articles
  • Easy access to release notes, video tutorials, and downloadable user guides
  • A new Community forum that allows you to ask questions and communicate with other Jira Align customers and support staff
  • A Federated search, allowing the simultaneous search of all resources listed above, via a single query
  • Access to the Support Center, to enter and manage Support tickets
  • Mobile support

If you're still not familiar with Zendesk, check out this quick video

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding our transition to the Zendesk platform. 

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