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The 10.129.1 maintenance release was deployed to environments on the continuous release track on January 26, 2024. Maintenance releases contain high-priority defect fixes and fixes for any features deployed in version 10.129.X.

Defect fixes

Resolved issue with sprint short names synced from Jira

In version 10.124.0, we expanded the size limit of sprint Short Name fields from 20 characters to 50 characters in our database tables. We made this change to accommodate syncing from Jira Software, as some short names were being truncated.

While investigating the impacts of this change to Enterprise Insights, we discovered that the character limit was not expanded on a complimentary database table for sprint audit logs.

In cases where a sprint’s short name synced from Jira was longer than 20 characters, the mismatch may have caused some errors in reporting committed story counts in the following reports:

  • Hours by team
  • Planned vs earned velocity
  • Program increment sprint
  • Sprint hours
  • Sprint metrics (M1)

In this version, we have corrected the size limits in the sprint audit log table, and all sprint data now syncs correctly via the Jira connector.

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