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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The roadmaps offer a filtering option to easily navigate and consume your visualizations within the roadmap.

When filtering by the Blocked status, the results are displayed as a rolled up status, which means that if an epic contains a feature that is blocked, the epic is blocked. If a capability contains a feature that is blocked, the capability is blocked. If a theme contains an epic with a feature that is blocked, the theme is blocked.

When filtering by stand-alone feature, if you select Yes, the view renders only features that are stand-alone features. If you select No, the view renders features that are not stand-alone. If stand-alone features are turned on in the View Configuration dialog box and no filter is applied, the view renders both stand-alone features and regular features.

When filtering by one or more release vehicles, the roadmaps filter by the release vehicles selected. Only work items that apply or are associated with the selected release vehicles are shown.

When filtering by one or more products, the roadmaps view shows only the work items associated with the products selected.

When filtering by one or more organizations, the roadmaps view shows only the work items that apply to the selected organizations.

To filter a roadmap:

  1. Navigate to the roadmaps page.
  2. If you’re using the new navigation, select one or more PIs in the sidebar.
    If you’re using the old navigation, select a program and a PI from the corresponding drop-down menus on the Configuration bar on the top.
    Note: If you're using the old navigation, you can select a custom PI range under Select Range or a date range under Quick Selects.
  3. Click Filter on the toolbar to open the Roadmap Filter dialog, and then select the items to filter the roadmap by from the corresponding dropdown menu.
  4. Click the  plus (+) sign, and then select or type the name of the item you want to filter the roadmap by.
    The selectable items in the dropdown menu are narrowed by any other filters you’ve already added in the dialog box. Theme, epic, capability, and feature filter options are further narrowed according to your current scope and time selections. 
  5. Click Apply.

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