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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Roadmaps are designed to give users a visual representation of how their objects line up against each other in their current PI and how they are linked together. They offer a holistic view of your PIs and the ability to manage the objects within the PI, for example, change the begin and end dates or set the health status. You can switch between the Program Increment, Release Vehicle, and Work views, depending on what you need.

To open roadmaps:

If you’re using the new navigation:

  1. Select Strategy, Portfolios, Solutions, Programs, or Teams in the top navigation bar.
  2. If you've selected Portfolios, Solutions, Programs, or Teams in the top navigation bar, select the entity you want to view information about.
    Note: After navigating to the page, you can use the roadmap filters to filter by additional entities.
  3. On the sidebar, select Roadmaps in the list of page options; the roadmaps page displays.
  4. Ensure that the correct entity is selected in the sidebar, then select a PI from the Program Increment dropdown on the sidebar.

If you’re using the old navigation:

  1. Select Program from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Manage section of the menu bar, select Roadmaps; the Roadmaps page displays.
    Select either a program or a team from the corresponding dropdown menu on the Configuration bar at the top of the page. Selecting a program will display only objects assigned to the program. Selecting a team will display objects associated with the team (from stories assigned to the team up to strategic themes).
  3. Select a PI from the corresponding dropdown menu on the Configuration bar at the top of the page.

Note: You can select a custom PI range under Select Range or a date range under Quick Selects.

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