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Note: This article has been republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to supplemental release notes when an article is updated. This article has been updated to include a previously unreported fix for JIRAALIGN-6321.

Due to the nature of continuous software development, some changes are applied to environments outside of our normal release schedule. In order to urgently remedy reported issues, the following changes were added to version via a hotfix, which was deployed to environments on the bundled release track on the evening of Friday, January 19.

Defect fixes

Key Summary
JIRAALIGN-6321 Users with Role PMO and Scrum Masters are not able to access the Impediments page
JIRAALIGN-6385 'Incompatible Field type' warnings displayed for date Jira fields after Jira Align 10.128 upgrade
JIRAALIGN-6391 Program Board History: Page Failing To Load
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