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Note: This article has been republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Enterprise Insights release notes updates. This article has been updated to include the mention of the Atlassian Analytics schema change and removal of the Test Suite Name column in version 10.127 announcements. 

Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to 10.126.X instances on the continuous track on October 27, 2023, and will be deployed to instances on the bundled track on November 10, 2023. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • New content/suggestions
    • New Metric Log views added in current_dw and export_dw schemas that contain key result audit log data.
    • Removal of HTML tags in values for Story Description in Story and Story History views in current_dw and export_dw schemas
    • Removal of HTML tags in values for Defect Description in Defect view in current_dw and export_dw schemas
  • Defect fixes
    • JIRAALIGN-5404: Deleted feature records do not appear in export_dw Feature view when a feature was deleted in between Enterprise Insight refresh times. This fix only applies to new feature records.
    • For on-premise instances only - JIRAALIGN-6106: ETL job fails with a Sprint Short Name of 37 chars despite having Shortname datatype as nvarchar(50)


  • Atlassian Analytics schema change: In response to JIRAALIGN-5429, the following work item links tables are now available in the Enterprise Insights schema. The tables are not visible in the simplified schema.
    • current_dw.[Theme Link]
    • current_dw.[Epic Link]
    • current_dw.[Capability Link]
    • current_dw.[Feature Link]
    • current_dw.[Story Link]

      • You will need to sync the Enterprise Insights schema in Atlassian Analytics to see the new tables.
      • If you have removed any joins in the original schema configurations, they will be added back after syncing the schema, and you will need to remove them again. Before syncing the schema, we recommend that you document any original joins you've removed.
      • The schema file for EI 10.126 has been updated to include this change.
      • The release of these changes was made to environments on the continuous and bundled release tracks during the week of November 27, 2023. This deployment occurred earlier than intended. We will investigate the cause of this to ensure unexpected changes do not occur in the future. 
  • For on-premise instances only: Once the on-premise 10.126.3 Jira Align release is installed, the SSIS ETL job will take a few minutes longer to run, depending on the data volume the instance has. This longer running job is part of correcting the errors found in JIRAALIGN-6106.
  • In version 10.127, the following changes will be made:
    • The Test Suite Name column in the Test Case views (current_dw and export_dw schemas) will be removed.
      • This removal is a result of the work done in Jira Align to remove the Quality module. In preparation for this upcoming change, please make updates to your reports and dependencies, i.e. ETL, that use this field. 
    • The Feature Type column in the Epic views (current_dw and export_dw schemas) will be removed.
      • The column name is inconsistent with the Epic History view where the column name is Epic Type.
      • Please update your reports and integrations to use the new Epic Type column in the Epic views (current_dw and export_dw schemas) available in release 10.123.

New tables

View Name


Metric Log

New View:

  • [Audit Log ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Date Audit Event] DATETIME NULL
  • [FK Metric ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Change Source] NVARCHAR(100) NULL
  • [Action Type] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Detail Text] NVARCHAR(MAX) NULL
  • [FK User Impersonation ID] INT NOT NULL
  • [Deleted Flag] NVARCHAR(3) NULL
  • [Date DW Modified] DATETIME NOT NULL
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