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Enterprise Insights (EI) can be connected to Atlassian Analytics, providing you with a seamless experience managing data dashboards and reports across the Atlassian ecosystem. This option is great for users of the Atlassian Data Lake who want to bring together information from Jira and Jira Align in a single reporting solution. It’s also a convenient option for organizations that want to leverage the power of EI’s data solution, without having to purchase a third-party business intelligence tool.

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Before getting started, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct licenses from Atlassian. The following is required to add Enterprise Insights to your Atlassian Analytics workspace:

  • Jira Cloud Enterprise Edition
  • Atlassian Analytics, added to your Jira site. See Add Atlassian Analytics to an existing site.
  • Jira Align, connected to your Jira instance
  • Enterprise Insights (EI) by Jira Align, licensed and provisioned
    • Contact your Solutions Engineer or Atlassian partner to review your options for purchasing an EI license. For more information on how EI is provisioned and used with third-party tooling, see Get started with Enterprise Insights.

Associate Enterprise Insights with Atlassian Analytics

Your Enterprise Insights instance will need to be associated with Atlassian Analytics in order to be visible in the list of available data sources. To set up this association, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate and record the URL and Organization ID of your Jira Cloud Enterprise instance.
    1. Navigate to your Jira site and copy the text in your web browser’s address bar to provide the URL.
    2. To learn how to look up your Organization ID, see What is the Organization ID and where to find it.
  2. Contact Jira Align Support and open a ticket requesting that your Enterprise Insights instance is added to your Jira Cloud Enterprise instance, for use with Atlassian Analytics. Provide the URL and Organization ID captured in step 1.
  3. Once the association is established, you’ll receive an update on your support ticket, informing you that EI can now be connected as a data source.

Connect Enterprise Insights as a data source

Connect your Enterprise Insights instance(s) as a data source inside Atlassian Analytics to use charts and starter dashboards with your Jira Align data. For instructions on how to make this connection, see Connect to Jira Align Enterprise Insights.

Next steps

Congrats! You’re all set to begin using your Enterprise Insights data inside of Atlassian Analytics. Explore the following links to learn more:


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