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Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to 10.125.X instances on the continuous track on September 29, 2023, and will be deployed to instances on the bundled track on October 13, 2023. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • New content/suggestions

    • Removal of HTML tags in values for Objective Description in the Objective and Objective History views in the current_dw and export_dw schemas.

    • Removal of HTML tags in values for Feature Description in the Feature and Feature History views in the current_dw and export_dw schemas.


  • Defect fixes
    • JIRAALIGN-5424 - Field Name column is not being populated with values in the Details Panels Setting view in current_dw schema.

      • To resolve this, we will remove the Test Suite Name column in the Test Case views (current_dw and export_dw schemas).

      • The removal is a result of the deprecation work of the Quality module in Jira Align. ITo prepare for these upcoming changes, make updates to your reports and dependencies (i.e. ETL) that use this field.



  • In Release 10.127, the following change will be made:

    • The Feature Type column in the Epic views (current_dw and export_dw schemas) will be removed.

      • The column name is inconsistent with the Epic History view, where the column name is Epic Type.

      • Please update your reports and integrations to use the new Epic Type column in the Epic views (current_dw and export_dw schemas), which became available in release 10.123.

Updated tables

View Name


Test Case

Removed Column:

  • [Test Suite Name] NVARCHAR(100) NULL


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