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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.125

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.125 were released to environments on the continuous release track on September 29, 2023, in version 10.125.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on October 13, 2023, in version 10.125.2:

New navigation: sidebar updates

  • The lightbulb icon next to Objective Tree has been replaced with the bullseye icon.

  • Page names now use sentence case. For example:

    • Objective Tree → Objective tree

    • Work Tree → Work tree

    • Program Board → Program board

New navigation: program board page updates

The program board page no longer requires scrolling to see the view configuration, full-screen, and legend buttons.

New navigation: homepage accessibility

The new homepage now supports skip links and tab indexes, and starring/unstarring pages now works through keyboard navigation.

New navigation: homepage accessibility

The new homepage now supports skip links and tab indexes, and starring/unstarring pages now works through keyboard navigation.

OKR hub accessibility

With the addition of column re-ordering and tab selection for dropdown menus, the OKR hub is one step closer to being fully accessible!

Column re-ordering:

  • Use Tab to navigate through the table headers
  • Pressing Space on a header will start reordering mode
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move the column
  • Pressing Space again ends reordering
  • Pressing Enter on a header will sort the column if it is sortable

Dropdown menus: 

  • Use Tab and the arrow keys to navigate through dropdowns
  • Press Enter to select an option in the dropdown

New API 2.0 endpoints and properties

To create parity with the API 1.0, we’ve added a few API 2.0 endpoints:

  • New endpoint to create, read, update, and delete cost centers

  • New endpoint to create, read, update, and delete work codes

We’ve also added new properties to the release vehicles API:

  • releaseName
  • StoriesPercentComplete
  • StoriesCount
  • StoryPointsTotal
  • StoryPointsAccepted
  • Total
  • ContributingTeamsCount
  • ContributingProgramsCount
  • Capabilities
  • Portfolios
  • productId

Quality module: Confirmed and upcoming object removals

In version 10.121.3, we removed the summary pages within the Quality module, while references to some objects remained. In this release, we’ve cleaned up the codebase and removed all references and links to sprint plans.

In version 10.126.0, we plan to fully remove references and links to test sets.

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-4285 Moving work item to Parking Lot fails to update "Parking Lot Flag" in EI 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4492 Not able to add certain stories to the specific kanban board 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4811 Backlog - Stories Process Step filter 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4826 Dragging a feature in or out of the Parking Lot within the same quarter does not update audit log 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4831 Sort order for Ext ID column for Stories and Features in incorrect 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4881 Dependency shows as committed without committed date 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4924 Changing the level of a parent Goal leaves parent goal ID in children. 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5106 'Team goals' report fails to display green icon for sprint goals that have been met 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5156 Connector Board DELETE endpoint does not remove mappings 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5204 Attempting to push new members to related Program teams from Portfolio, gives 'Internal server error' 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5214 Program board- New navigation altered the board layout out of the window boundaries 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5221 New Navigation - "Program Settings" button doesn't work while "Teams" window is active 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5229 The JA API Creating the Mapping for the Projects, Doesn't Validate the ProjectId used on the POST Calls 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5294 Program Board top-right buttons (card size, expand/collapse, and legend) do not appear in the New Nav UI 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-5337 API: Connector custom fields teams can't be filtered on some of the fields 10.125.0
JIRAALIGN-4891 Product Objectives dropdown disappearing after hitting Save or "Save&Close" button 10.125.1
JIRAALIGN-5505 System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Deadlock Issue during Transaction Process 10.125.2
JIRAALIGN-4992 Themes Grid Adding text to the Filter Theme Plan Budget cause Whoops error and blocks the page 10.125.3
JIRAALIGN-5112  Incremental error when update user roles 10.125.3
JIRAALIGN-5863 REST API: PATCH to Update Feature Returns Error 400 Value for ownerId is invalid 10.125.3
JIRAALIGN-5868 Jira Align New UI enabled by default with SSO login 10.125.3
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