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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Note: This article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to release notes updates. This article has been updated to change the version listed for the removal of the Enable New Navigation general platform setting to 10.123.3. For more details, check out Coming soon: New navigation available for all users below.

The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.123

Enhancements and features

These features for 10.123 were released to environments on the continuous release track on August 4, 2023, in version 10.123.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on August 18, 2023, in version 10.123.2:

Reminder: Driver update required for on-premise instances

On-premise instances will need to update all web and connector servers to use the Microsoft OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL) for SQL Server, version 18.6.5, prior to installing Jira Align version 10.123. See our full announcement for details.

Coming soon: New navigation available for all users

In the 10.123.3 release, which will be deployed to environments on the continuous and bundled release tracks on August 25, 2023, we’re removing the Enable New Navigation general platform setting. The setting allows admins to control whether the new navigation experience is available to users. Once your environment is updated to version 10.123.3, all users will be able to opt-in to use the new navigation experience.

New navigation: Sidebar updates

We’ve made the following updates to the new navigation experience:

  • Status reports was removed from the sidebar when viewing a strategy, as the report is built to support portfolio and program views.
  • Backlog was added to the sidebar when viewing a strategy so that you can prioritize a global backlog.
  • All program-level reports were added to the sidebar under the Reports section when viewing a program:
    Program-level reports added (select to expand)
    • Assessment report
    • Assessment results
    • Blocked card trend
    • Card movement
    • Complete state trend
    • Cumulative counts
    • Cumulative effort
    • Dependency maps
    • Dependency matrix
    • Estimation trend (program planning accuracy)
    • Hours by program
    • In-progress trend
    • Investment by Jira epic
    • Jira epic audit report
    • Jira epic forecast - average velocity
    • Not started trend
    • Organizational hierarchy
    • Override events
    • Planned vs actual velocity by team (trend)
    • Points accepted (by sprint)
    • Points delivered by type
    • Points planned vs. points accepted
    • Program allocation
    • Program increment cleanup report
    • Program increment defect trend
    • Program increment heat map
    • Program increment scope
    • Program increment status summary
    • Program increment test plan
    • Program increments burnup
    • Program predictability report
    • Program schedule
    • Program snapshot
    • Program tracking
    • Progress by objective
    • Rate of new cards added
    • Release (fix version) roadmap
    • Resource allocation
    • Retrospective
    • Risk and impediment status
    • Risk ROAM report
    • ScrumBan report
    • Spend per point report
    • Splits and drops
    • Sprint metrics (M1)
    • Sprint performance
    • Sprint planning
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint snapshot
    • Sprint states
    • Sprint synchronization
    • Standup attendance
    • Status by column
    • Story audit report
    • Story link report
    • Story LOE
    • Story point progress by team
    • Strategic driver allocation
    • Team details
    • Team velocity
    • Theme rank
    • Value engineering report
    • Velocity by team (program increment)
    • WIP by state
    • WIP by step
    • WIP by step board
    • WIP limit infractions
    • Work in progress by state
  • All team-level reports were added to the sidebar under the Reports section when viewing a team:
    Team-level reports added (select to expand)
    • Agile added/dropped objects
    • Assessment report
    • Assessment results
    • Automation coverage trend for acceptance
    • Automation coverage trend for stories
    • Blocked card trend
    • Burndowns
    • Capacity planning
    • Card movement
    • Complete state trend
    • Cumulative counts
    • Cumulative effort
    • Defect status
    • Defect tends by priority
    • Defects by story
    • Detailed sprint progress
    • Detailed team velocity (trend)
    • Dev availability
    • Effort points burndown
    • Find fix rate
    • Impediments & risks
    • Individual task load by sprint
    • In-progress trend
    • Not started trend
    • Organizational hierarchy
    • Override events
    • Planned vs. earned velocity
    • Program increment confidence by team
    • Program increment/sprint metrics
    • QA availability
    • Rate of new cards added
    • Release (fix version) roadmap
    • Retrospective roll-up report
    • Retrospective summaries
    • Retrospective survey results
    • Retrospective surveys
    • Risk and impediment status
    • ScrumBan report
    • Split story analysis
    • Sprint coaching
    • Sprint defect trend
    • Sprint health
    • Sprint metrics (M1)
    • Sprint performance
    • Sprint planning
    • Sprint review
    • Sprint scope changes
    • Sprint status
    • Sprint story coverage
    • Standup attendance
    • Standup attendance by sprint
    • Status by column
    • Stories by state
    • Story completion ratio
    • Story health
    • Story point progress by team
    • Story points ratio
    • Task burndown report
    • Team member allocations
    • Test case coverage
    • TP to WIP ratio
    • Value delivered
    • Velocity variance
    • WIP limit infractions
    • Work in progress
    • Yesterday's results

OKR hub: Multi-team view with new navigation

To support multi-team views when using the new navigation experience, we’ve updated filtering on the OKR hub page. When viewing the page from a portfolio, solution, program, or team perspective, the team filter will now show all teams you have access to.


Objectives: Update goal and baseline scores on a key result

You can now edit and update the baseline scores on a key result inside the new objective details panel. Reports will update when edits are made to scores. A history of changes to a key result can be viewed by selecting View audit log from the three dots (…) menu at the upper-right.


API 2.0: Epic and feature endpoint updates

We’ve made two updates to endpoints in the API 2.0:

  • Get, create, and update endpoints for epics and features now support process steps.
  • The get endpoint for epics will now return a list of child features.

Mass move: Layout and label updates

While resolving JIRAALIGN-4825, we noticed that the layout and naming on the mass move screen could be improved to provide more clarity. We’ve made the following updates:

  • Move from section header renamed to Select work items
  • Move to section header renamed to Select program increment
  • Save changes button renamed to Move work items
  • The Items to move section has been removed. Check boxes for each work item to move and the Check all option have been moved into the Select work items section.


Removal of legacy reports

As previously announced, we’ve removed 21 legacy reports:

  • Budgetary Tracking
  • Simulation Forecast
  • Automation Trend (Stories)
  • Automation Trend (Acceptance)
  • Override Events
  • Scorecards and Scorecard Details
  • Sprint Defect Trend
  • Rate of New Cards Added
  • TP to WIP Ratio
  • Enterprise Balanced Scorecard
  • Measures
  • KPIs
  • Group KPIs
  • Individual KPIs
  • Find Fix Rate
  • Today's Plan
  • WIP Limit Infractions
  • QA Availability
  • ScrumBan
  • Defects By Priority
  • Defects By Story

If you attempt to visit these locations through a previously-saved link, bookmark, or Favorites entry in Jira Align’s navigation, you’ll be redirected to a new page that informs you the functionality has been removed. Select the Learn more link from the page to see more info about recently removed functionality, as well as instructions on how to clear old entries from Favorites.

Quality module: Confirmed and upcoming object removals

In version 10.121.3, we removed the summary pages within the Quality module, while references to some objects remained. In this release, we’ve cleaned up the codebase and removed all references and links to builds.

In version 10.124.0, we plan to fully remove references and links to the following objects:

  • Build streams
  • Hot fixes
  • Test environments
  • Test folders
  • Test suites

Defect fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-3334 Error on Server when non-Super Admin expands Objectives/Themes/Epics Section of a Program Increment 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-3397 Dependencies>Reject Button displays even with permission toggled off 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-3510 Future Sprint Shown as Complete in Program Room when there are no stories assigned to it 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4025 Program Board: User with access to only one Program can add/remove teams from other Programs 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4174 New OKR: Ellipsis next to each subsection does not work 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4635 Centralized calculations: Team cost is not re-snapshotted if user was previously deleted from the iteration 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4680 Feature shows Green on Program Board though the dependencies are RED 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4692 A features list cannot be filtered or sorted against an MMF value of 'Not Set' 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4695 Process Step not getting reset on copy Feature 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4753 JS Sub-Task in "Deleted" status links to existing and incorrect JA Task 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4775 Typo in Roadmap options 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4825 Mass Move option at Capability level not working 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4849 Clicking External Entity in Program Board displays blank page 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-4850 Clicking Load More in the Forecast Room causes a misaligned column display 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5016 It's possible to access and modify objectives with direct url link despite user not having access to them otherwise due to team/portfolio membership 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5087 Shared sprints fail to sync when new (end date based) mapping is enabled 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5142 Enteprise Hierarchy is not updated/retrieved via API Calls 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5191 Not able to find Scope Changes report from New navigation. 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5213 New Navigation: Unable to access the Points Accepted (by Sprint) report 10.123.0
JIRAALIGN-5164 Jira Align API call - GET /align/api/2/Teams by Program with more than 20 entries in the resultset not treated 10.123.1
JIRAALIGN-5206 GET API Call returning Error 400 - Cannot get epics. Nullable object must have a value 10.123.1
JIRAALIGN-5210 Jira Sprints Without Issues Assigned are Not Synced to Jira Align 10.123.1
JIRAALIGN-5096 Not all programs are listed on Theme slide-out panel 10.123.2
JIRAALIGN-2375 Saving just an Objective description and not 'saving and closing' the objective results in the description not being saved 10.123.3
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