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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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This feature is only available with the new navigation.

The homepage contains several key areas:


  1. Recent rooms: Return to the most recent strategy, portfolio, program, and team rooms you’ve visited.
  2. Starred: Return to Jira Align pages you’ve starred. Select View all to see all of your starred pages.


Star pages to access them quickly from the homepage.

To star a page for later, navigate to the page and select the star Star icon next to its title in the upper-left. The starred page is saved along with the team (portfolio, solution, program, or team) and time increment (strategic snapshot, program increment, or sprint) sidebar selections.


If you’ve starred more than five pages, you can choose which pages display on the homepage. To manage starred pages:

  1. In the Starred homepage section, select View all. The full list of starred pages displays.
  2. The top five pages in the list will display on the homepage. You can pin up to five pages to the top of the list. To pin a page, point to the right of a table row and select the Pin to top Pin icon.
    If needed, unpin a page by selecting the Unpin Unpin icon.
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