Release notes for 10.121.3


The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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The 10.121.3 maintenance release was deployed to environments on the continuous release track and environments on the bundled release track on June 30, 2023. Maintenance releases contain high-priority defect fixes and fixes for any features deployed in version 10.121.X.

Enhancements and features

Removal of Quality module summary pages

As previously announced, we’ve removed the summary pages that make up the Quality module from Jira Align. Quality pages that have been removed:

  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Builds
  • Build Streams
  • Fixes
  • Last Build Status per Release
  • PI Test Plan
  • Sprint Plans
  • Test Cases
  • Test Environments
  • Test Folders
  • Test Plans
  • Test Sets
  • Test Suites
  • Testing Board
  • Testing Room

Note: The Defect Suites page has been moved to the Manage section of our Navigation menu.

If you attempt to visit these locations through a previously-saved link, bookmark, or Favorites entry in Jira Align’s navigation, you’ll be redirected to a new page that informs you the functionality has been removed. Select the Learn more link from the page to see more info about recently removed functionality, as well as instructions on how to clear old entries from Favorites.

Defect fixes

Key Summary
JIRAALIGN-5075 Feature: opening a Feature with a second tab, causes wrong assignment of Owner and Parent Epic
JIRAALIGN-4721 Investment vs Spend not loading accepted spend report
JIRAALIGN-4648 Roadmap: 'Group by' Objectives: Feature is associated to one objective but showing in different objective section in the roadmap
JIRAALIGN-4650 Roadmap: 'Group by' Objectives: Only 2 team objectives are displayed in the first column
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