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If you’re having trouble connecting your software and systems to Enterprise Insights (EI), here are a few things to check before reaching out to Atlassian Jira Align Support.

Note: If you’re unable to connect to your EI instance, Jira Align Support will not be able to view any log entries or other information that can help uncover the root cause of an issue. Our teams can only access logs for a connected environment. A problem with the initial connection is often caused by a configuration or setting choice made on your corporate network, data visualization software, or other tools that connect to EI.

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Check outbound traffic

Confirm with your network team that your firewall allows outbound traffic on TCP port 1433. You can check this by attempting to access the Microsoft Azure gateway IP addresses for the region your Enterprise Insights instance is hosted on. EI is hosted in the following Azure regions:

  • Central US
  • West Europe
  • Australia East

Each region has a unique set of gateway IP addresses. See the full list on Microsoft’s Azure Architecture site

You can also use the Azure SQL Connectivity Checker from Microsoft to test the connection to your EI server name and database.

Check network settings

When using IP allowlisting

If you use IP allowlisting to connect to EI, you provided a list of IP addresses and/or ranges from your corporate network when you completed the Enterprise Insights Connectivity Questionnaire. These addresses were added to your EI instance’s firewall rules. Examine the following conditions to ensure there’s a match between the IP addresses provided and the IP addresses attempting connection from your network:

  • Verify that the NAT IP addresses and ranges provided to Jira Align are correct, public, and static.
  • Confirm that your users are connected to your corporate network or VPN when attempting to connect to EI.
  • If connecting through a VPN, work with your network team to ensure that a user’s home IP address is not being passed on to EI. Some VPNs separate traffic on and off the corporate network. Only your company’s network IP addresses that were configured into your EI firewall allowlist will be able to connect.

When using the VPN connection option with VPC

If you use the VPN connection option for EI VPC, check the following:

Check authentication settings

Enterprise Insights access can be authenticated through two different methods: Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication or SQL authentication

Azure AD authentication

If you’re using Azure AD to authenticate with your EI instance, ensure that your Azure AD has been configured to allow guest authentication tenant access. For more information, review Microsoft’s article on allowing guest access.

SQL authentication

If you’re using SQL authentication, a username and temporary password were provided to you by our Support team. Confirm that you’ve entered the correct username and password when attempting to connect to your EI instance. If other team members in your organization have successfully connected, ensure that your password was not updated by another user.

Check server and database names

When connecting to your Enterprise Insights instance, ensure that the correct EI server name and database names are entered correctly in your data visualization software, SQL editor, or other tools. If a database name is not specified, EI will attempt to connect to the Master DB, which will result in an “IP address not allowed” error.

Still need help?

If you’ve followed the guidance in all of these troubleshooting steps and still can't connect to Enterprise Insights, please open a support ticket with Atlassian Jira Align Support.

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