Jira Align EI enhancements and features version 10.118.X


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Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to 10.118.X instances on the continuous track on March 17, 2023, and will be deployed to instances on the bundled track on March 24, 2023. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • New content:
    • JIRAALIGN-4710 - New columns for External Task Key and External Project Name in the Task table
    • JIRAALIGN-3826 - Replaced the object code value in the Intake Form column with Intake form name on the Program table
    • JIRAALIGN-4589 - Support Suggestion/Comments Data for Ideas in the Discussion table
    • Expanded character limit of Idea Description field in the Idea table to NVARCHAR(4000)
  • Defect fixes:
    • JIRAALIGN-4642 - Replaced object code value for Solution Teams in Team Type column on Team table with “Solution Team”
    • JIRAALIGN-4704 - Incorrect column name and data type for Custom Dropdown 1, Custom Dropdown 2, and Custom Dropdown 3 columns on the Feature History table


  • In EI release 10.119.X, the character limit of the Idea Description field in the Idea table will be expanded from NVARCHAR(4000) to NVARCHAR(MAX)
    • This is to accommodate a change in Jira Align to expand the Description field for ideas beyond 250 characters. In preparation for these upcoming changes, please make updates to your reports and dependencies (i.e. ETL) that use this field to accommodate for the change.


Updated tables

View Name


Feature History

Added new columns

  • [Custom Dropdown 1] NVARCHAR(350) NULL
  • [Custom Dropdown 2] NVARCHAR(350) NULL
  • [Custom Dropdown 3] NVARCHAR(350) NULL

Added new column

  • [Case Development Custom Field Set] NVARCHAR(100) NULL

Added new column

  • [External Story ID] BIGINT NULL

Added new columns

  • [External Project Name] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [External Task ID] BIGINT NULL
  • [External Task Key] NVARCHAR(50) NULL


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