Upcoming removal of legacy reports

In version 10.121.0, we’ll be removing six legacy reports from Jira Align.

After reviewing recent usage data, it became clear that this functionality was not providing significant value. Some of these reports were not fully developed or were made inaccessible during our transition from Jira Align version 9X to 10X. By removing these reports and streamlining our codebase, we’ll have more capacity to address defect fixes across the product. These changes will also reduce our testing overhead, which will allow us to build and ship enhancements more rapidly.

Reports that will be removed include:

System role permission toggles related to these pages will also be removed from Admin > Roles.

If you have used this functionality in the past and would like to make a record of your entries, please visit the reports prior to version 10.121.0 to archive your data. You can use screenshots and Save options from your browser to capture the contents of an accessible report.

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