Release notes for 10.117.X

Note: Due to a deployment issue with previously reported features, this article has been deleted and then republished. This method is used to provide notification emails to users subscribed to Release Notes updates. Please see the section below for details:

Previously reported features and defect fixes

Changes to the API 2.0 were previously detailed in these notes, but due to deployment issues, were not released to environments in version 10.117.0. These changes will ship in the near future and will be included in an upcoming Release Notes article:

  • GET, POST, PUT, and PATCH support for capability acceptance criteria
  • GET and POST support for epic acceptance criteria
  • POST, PUT, and PATCH support for epic links
  • Copy endpoints for capabilities and features
  • PATCH support for releases
  • PUT and PATCH support for value streams
  • Audit log endpoints for value streams, products, customers, and cities

The Atlassian Jira Align team is pleased to announce Jira Align v.10.117

Enhancements and Features

These features for 10.117 were released to environments on the continuous release track on February 10, 2023, in version 10.117.0. The features will then be released to environments on the bundled release track on March 3, 2023, in version 10.117.3:

Enhanced Default Sync User setting dropdown in Azure DevOps connector

The dropdown control has been changed to fix performance issues that took place when the list contained thousands of users.


Jira Connector: modernized state mapping modal

We updated the design of the Jira Align to Jira state mapping modal (Administration > Jira Settings > Manage Projects > State Mapping link). The content on the modal was updated, the process step toggle was moved to the top of the page as it controls all work item types, and now all changes to mappings will save automatically. The logic behind the mapping modal has not changed and existing mappings have not been modified.


When a connector isn’t configured to sync from Jira Align to Jira, an empty state message will prompt you to update your issue type mappings or sync settings.


Defect Fixes

The list of defect fixes will be updated to reflect changes in weekly maintenance releases. You can see the contents of individual maintenance releases in the Supplemental Release Notes section.

Key Summary Release Version
JIRAALIGN-3131 Jira Connector: Stories for Status Mapping after Accepted moving to additional status/states 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-3945 Already resolved story in Jira when synced, returns wrong 'State' via API 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4005 Team Dependency Map – after refreshing the page, Done option is OFF in Quick Filter 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4318 Epic Grid: Customer column sorting 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4385 Colour codes on identical Tags is not maintained when Epic is Copied 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4390 Character limit in the Initial Metric field for Success Criteria 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4401 When using Point Estimation, Features get assigned 0 points by default if no points are selected 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4435 Cannot delete Capability in Program > Forecast 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4451 Accept and Unblock buttons on Dependency Slideout are only partially clickable 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4474 Dependency mapping: Incremental status show wrong data if multiple selections done in Tier1 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4481 Hide time tracking report toggles for sites without a time tracking license 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4489 Renaming a Theme allows for duplicate names 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4499 Product field is not searching item in Feature screen 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4511 The Select list for Ideation Group's Admins and Internal Contributors fields shows all the pre-selected names as well, instead of just showing only the name matching the search criteria 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4513 Disabling Ideation permission does not prevent access to Ideation 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4548 Live Roadmap is not loading the grid 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4559 Program Room: Text search function is not filtering properly 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4575 When Non-SA Users Try to Add Release Vehicle to a Story in Jira Align, it clears out the Process Step 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4593 Features with a Red Planning Issue status do not shows as Red in the Program Board 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4612 Capabilities: Inconsistency in role toggles controlling the Links section 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4624 Internal Server Error - 500 message when opening the Team Retrospective page 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4637 Renaming a persona or role in Epic Personas results in a duplicate name/role. 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4649 Unable to sort Epic grid on "Story Points" column" - Whoops 500 Error. 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4675 Intake Form: changes to case development custom fields orders don't work correctly 10.117.0
JIRAALIGN-4739 Unable to Save/create new ADO in New Instance 10.117.1
JIRAALIGN-4684 Dependency: error 500 is thrown when rejecting a Dependency to a Program without Committed Date 10.117.2
JIRAALIGN-4499 Product field is not searching item in Feature screen 10.117.2
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