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Jira Align's Enterprise Insights (EI) was updated and deployed to 10.115.X instances on the continuous track on February 1, 2023, and will be deployed to instances on the bundled track on February 17, 2023. The following enhancements were made:

Release highlights

  • New content:
    • JIRAALIGN-4664 - Added Employee Classification table to current_dw & export_dw schemas to enable cost center hourly rate.
    • JIRAALIGN-4545 - Added Theme Rank for Epic & Feature objects.

New tables

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Employee Classification

Added Employee Classification object from time schema into current_dw & export_dw schemas.

  • [DW Version] NVARCHAR(100) NOT NULL
  • [Last DW Refresh UTC] DATETIME NULL
  • [Agile Object Description] NVARCHAR(1000) NULL
  • [Customer Object Name] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Customer Object Name Plural] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Master Object Name] NVARCHAR(50) NULL
  • [Anchor Short Name] NVARCHAR(50) NULL

Updated tables

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Added column for Epic's ranking within the theme.

  • [Rank Theme] INT NULL

Added column for Feature's ranking within the theme.

  • [Rank Theme] INT NULL


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