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Jira Align comes with a default set of roles that can be configured. The built-in roles are appropriate for the following people in your organization:

  • Super Admin: Jira Align administrators who can customize configuration and terminology.
  • PMO: Program managers, members of the PMO, or release train engineers.
  • Executive: Executives and high-level personnel mainly interested in finances and reporting at a high level.
  • Product Owners: Product managers, product owners, and business analysts.
  • Team Leads: Scrum Masters, project managers, architects, and development leads.
  • Team Member: Developers and QA engineers.
  • Kanban Users or Default: Anyone who wants a Kanban board but does not need the roll up or reporting features.
  • External User: A user, such as an external customer, who needs access to Jira Align. These users have the option to submit enhancement requests or ideas through the ideas portal.

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