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About this report

The story health report provides a status summary of the stories in a sprint. This report can be used by the Product Owner during a sprint to assess the likelihood that a story will be accepted by the end of the sprint. The product owner can also use this report to contrast the development status of the stories with the health that is emerging from testing/QA.

To navigate to this report:

If you’re using the new navigation:

  1. Select Teams in the top navigation bar and select the team you want to view information about.
  2. On the sidebar, select Reports in the list of options.
  3. Select Story health; the report displays.

If you’re using the old navigation:

  1. Select the Reports icon from the left Navigation menu.
  2. Start typing the report's name in the Search box.
  3. Once found, select the report.
    Note: You can also use the categories on the left to search for the needed reports.


  1. Stories exist in the specified PI and sprint
  2. Defects have been logged against the stories in the PI and sprint
  3. Defect to Story Relationship sliders have been set for each story in the sprint 

How are report values calculated? 

The Story Health report offers the following views of stories in a sprint:

  • Story Health - displays the health value (100 - Good, 75 - Fair, 50 - Serious, 25 - Critical) that was manually set on the "Defect to Story Relationship" page in response to the number and severity of the defects associated with the story
  • Story Completion - displays the number of defined tasks for the story, and the number that have been completed
  • Level of Effort - displays the Level of Effort that was set in the story, presented on a 100 point scale
  • Level of Value - displays the Level of Value that was set in the story, presented on a 100 point scale
  • Testing Status - displays the number of defined QA tasks for the story, and the number that have been completed
  • Sign-off Status - thermometer graph displays the current state of each story, up through owner sign-off
  • Rank in Program Increment - displays the rank in the sprint backlog
  • State - displays progress bar with the current state of each story
  • Owners - shows the photo of the story owner, as well as the developers working the story

Below the view, an aggregated summary of the stories in the sprint is presented in terms of:

  • Total Level of Effort
  • Total Level of Value
  • Total Story Count
  • Stories Dev Complete
  • Stories Tested
  • Accepted Stories


How to interpret this report

The product owner can use this report to highlight situations when the development efforts are completing the tasks, but not building sufficient quality into the implementation of the stories to support acceptance. In these situations, the health of the stories will lag the development completion, and this can be used to drive a discussion in the retrospective of improvements to the Definition of Done.

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