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To view the Team Room in the Sprint Board view, click Sprint Board under the configuration toolbars. Features, dependencies, objectives, stories, tasks, and defects are all shown on the board with statuses as columns. You can quickly add these working items by clicking Add New in the upper-right corner of the appropriate section. To limit your view to only the items you want to see, click the plus sign in the upper-left corner to collapse the section.


If you click the gear icon on a card, you can edit it. You can move items by dragging them to different columns. You can move items in and out of each column except for the Done column. If an item is moved to the Done column, you need to set the state of the item directly on its page to move it from this column. If you cannot move an item to a certain column, you receive a message explaining why. You can move items only within their rows, for example, a task cannot be moved to the story row.

Click the feature/story/task card to see the associated work items. See the legend at the top to understand the color keys. Click any ID on a card to view work item's details, tasks, and acceptance criteria. To copy a story with all its details, click the gear icon and select Copy Story. You need to type the new story name, and then click Copy. Pay attention that the copied story state is always Pending Approval.

Directly from the sprint board, you can mark the sprint as complete by clicking Close Sprint above the board.

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