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The Team Room is the area where your team collaborates, conducts all standups, planning and review meetings, and manages all work. The Team Room provides a consolidated view of your and your team's tasks, stories, defects, and key milestones.

The Team Room is a great place to see everything assigned to the team as a whole and individuals on the team. Work can be viewed and reported on from the Team Room.

To navigate to the Team Room:

  1. Select Team from the left menu bar.
  2. Under the Team section of the menu bar, select Team Room; the Team Room page displays.
  3. In the upper-left corner, from the drop-down menus, select a team and a sprint. You can find the following information in the Team Room:
    • Progress. Sprint statistics, such as time left for the sprint, team velocity, percent of accepted story points, and a number of defects closed, tasks done, stories accepted, and dependencies done.
    • Dependencies. Dependencies for the team in this sprint.
    • Impediments. Impediments blocking the team in this sprint.
    • Sprint. A list of user stories, tasks, and defects.
    • Sprint goal. The desired outcome of a sprint that is set at the planning meeting.
    • Chat. An area for chat and discussions on any work item involved in the sprint.
    • Objectives. Objectives the team set for this sprint at the planning meeting.

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