Release Notes for 10.11


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New Enhancements


  • Applying ranking in the Demand view: Users can now apply a Portfolio by Program Increment rank order in the Demand view of the Forecast when the Portfolio is selected on the Configuration bar. This allows better alignment to Portfolio priorities when forecasting in the PI.

WIP report

  • Usability improvements: The headers in the WIP report now show the summary on the number of items in the specific state or process step. This applies to both State and Value Stream views.

Epics, Capabilities, and Features

  • WSJF scoring: The WSJF form now loads faster and allows ranking Epics, Capabilities, and Features effectively.


  • Epics export: The Epic Value Score field is now available in the exported file.


  • Export to CSV: Users can easily export their backlog to the CSV file now. This applies to such levels of the Backlog as Themes, Epics, Capabilities, Features, Stories, and Defects. The exported file cannot be imported back to the application, but it allows easily getting your backlog to the plain format file to work with it.


Customer Love Defect Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the external dependency creation locking up.
  • Fixed an issue with the Add Dependency button not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the feature length over 100 characters prevents saving a risk.
  • Fixed an issue when the Create Story function kicks users out when a program is selected.
  • Fixed an issue with hovering over an item on the Program Board does not show the title of the item.
  • Fixed an issue with external dependencies not displaying in the list and map views.
  • Fixed an issue with program dependency functionality not working.
  • Fixed an issue with Use Trend not matching Login Activity.
  • Fixed an issue with members seeing another Portfolio/Program in the criteria.
  • Fixed a typo in an email notification from AgileCraft.
  • Fixed an issue with the Theme management when a user could allocate past 100 percent.
  • Fixed an issue with the Epic chat entries are no longer being saved since 10.10 was released.
  • Fixed an issue with the system crashing when a user selects Help after selecting Trace This Epic from the Epic's slide-out panel.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where narrowing filter works in reverse.
  • Fixed an illegible text on the Copy Feature dialog box.
  • Fixed an issue with the Discussion link not working on Epics.
  • Fixed an issue with the system automatically updating the Team Week Budget values that have decimals.
  • Fixed an issue with task time updates not showing in real time.
  • Fixed an issue with the corrupt file of the User Attributes report for inactive users.
  • Fixed an issue with a team not appearing in the Program Increment Progress report drill downs.
  • Fixed an issue with the Velocity Trend hover over showing same values for Planned and Actual for all teams.
  • Fixed an issue with Velocity Variance displaying incorrect calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with Scrum Master unable to add an active story to a Feature.
  • Fixed an issue with accepting the first part of a split story.
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