10X: Investment Trend (Feature by Category)

About this report

The Investment Trend ( Feature by Category) report shows the category of work as a percentage of total work over the specified time period to ensure that teams are focusing their efforts on organizational goals. The report displays the data in the form of a pie chart and a bar graph.  It is beneficial to review the report with team members during regular intervals to show how their work is advancing the overall organizational goals.


  1. Select the Reports icon from the left Navigation menu.
  2. Start typing the report's name in the Search box. 
  3. Once found, select the report.

Note: You can also use the categories on the left to search for the needed reports.


  1. PI must exist in the system and be tied to a program. 
  2. Sprints must be created and tied to a PI. 
  3. Teams must be created and tied to a program.
  4. Epic must be created and tied to PIs. 
  5. Features must be created and tied to PIs. 

How are report values calculated? 

  • Each category calculates the number of accepted user stories divided by the total accepted stories for the specified time frame.


How to interpret this report

At the end of each program increment at the program retrospective this report should be reviewed to determine progress made towards the organizational goals.  This will give a quick snapshot of how the teams are progressing in each category and should be used to make decisions on what categories will provide the greatest business value going into the next program increment.  In addition, this report provides the ability to quickly export the data for any ongoing status reporting.  

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