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Inspect and Adapt for SAFe involves more than just a retrospective meeting for large solutions; it is a significant event, held at the end of each PI, where the current state of the Solution is demonstrated and evaluated by the train. Teams then reflect and identify improvement backlog items via a structured, problem-solving workshop.

The workshop consists of three parts:

  • PI System Demo: intended to show all the Features that the ART has developed over the course of the PI.
  • Quantitative measurement: teams review any quantitative Metrics they have agreed to collect, then discuss the data and trends. 
  • Retrospective and problem-solving workshop: the teams run a brief (30 minutes or less) retrospective, the goal of which is to identify whatever issues they would like to address. Proceeding the retrospective, they move to a problem-solving workshop that utilizes root cause analysis to provide a set of problem-solving tools used to identify the actual causes of a problem, rather than just addressing the symptoms. The session is typically facilitated by the RTE, or another facilitator, in a time box of two hours or less.

For further details on Inspect and Adapt for SAFe, refer to the Scaled Agile Framework™ website article Inspect and Adapt.

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