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10.8: New Customer Love Enhancements

Strategy Tree vs. Work Tree

The Strategy Tree and Work Tree are built in a similar way to create a consistent experience:

  • Themes tie to a level of the strategy pyramid in AgileCraft. The Work Tree – Strategy view starts at this level to expand down into Themes, Epics, etc.
  • The selected strategy that ties to Themes (selected in Administration) should dynamically update in the Work Tree – Strategy view if it is changed in Administration.
  • Terminology is dynamic as well.



Release Vehicle Usage

When selecting a release vehicle on a feature, you now have the ability to select any release vehicle regardless of PI.

  • When selecting a Release Vehicle on a feature, the Release Vehicle list is not filtered by the PI that the feature is assigned to OR the PI selected in the context config.
  • Only Release Vehicles that are In Progress, Null, or In Planning appear in the drop-down list.



Backlog: View Unassigned Backlog for Teams

The ability to view the Unassigned Backlog for my teams so my Kanban users can utilize the Kanban view on the backlog.

  • After selecting a team in the Story Backlog, you can select sprints. When you select sprints, you can select the Unassigned Backlog from the drop-down list.
  • When you select the Unassigned Backlog, a bucket appears at the bottom of your selected sprints rendering all work assigned to the team that is not assigned to a sprint.
  • If you have the Unassigned Backlog selected in list format, you can still click the Unassigned Backlog button to slide out the unassigned backlog to the right. If you do, the Unassigned Backlog in the list view disappears. It does not reappear when you close the slide-out.
  • Backlog Bucket has the Move to position option in a tooltip.


Add Custom Columns from Status Reports

Added Status Column:

  • Status column is identical in the functionality to the Status reports.
  • Status shows Red/Green/Yellow.
  • Clicking the status, renders a dialog box where the user can select the new status.
  • The new status renders on the far right – earlier status selections push to the left (to see a trend).
  • Status column is added as a custom column option.

Added Benefits Column:

  • Benefits column exists in a custom column selection.
  • Benefits column shows first line of text by default.
  • Benefits column can be expanded by clicking the expand option at the top of the column.

Added Cost Column – Budget:

  • Added a column that pulls from the Budget field on the feature.
  • Budget column can be sorted ascending and descending by clicking the column header.
  • Budget column can be configured to show other currencies (namely pounds and euros).

Added Story Points Column:

  • Story Points is an option in the Feature grid custom columns.
  • Story Points column is a sum of all story points under the feature shown as a count.
  • Story Points column title is Story Points.
  • You can sort the Story Points column by ascending and descending points.

Added Notes Column:

  • Notes column is an option in the feature custom column selections.
  • Notes column shows a notes icon.
  • If there are existing notes, the notes icon shows a red dot.
  • Clicking the notes icon allows users to add notes.
  • Notes column can be expanded by selecting the expand option on the column header.
  • Users cannot sort, search, or filter by notes.
  • The functionality of notes is the same as the Status reports and ACs.



Raise Custom Column Limit to Twelve in Feature Grid

For the Feature grid only, the custom column limit is 12, all existing functionality applies.



10.8: Customer Love Defect Fixes

Unable to filter on Program Increment = Unassigned

Added options with the Unassigned value for select Program Increment.

  • User is able to filter by Unassigned PI.

Reading End-User License Agreement

Fixed a link to the User Agreement so when a user clicks the link, it opens EULA.

  • This fix affects only the Reset Password page.
  • User is able to read it before selecting the Agree check box.

Team not appearing on PI Progress drilldown

Boxes to be populated with graphs were generating one early and so the last graph (team) would not generate.

  • Fixed the outputting of these boxes.

External Entity dialog box does not work

Currently, cannot add or edit external entities when adding or editing external dependencies.

  • User is able to create, edit, and delete external entities.
  • User is able to change entities on the Dependency edit slide-out panel.
  • Added missed libraries for Administration.

Unable to create risk against Program Increment

  • Fixed error message when trying to choose QPI.

Feature import is not working

Errors thrown because two non-required fields are not filled out.

  • Fixed ability to import Features with only required fields filled in.

Import: user is not able to import stand-alone feature

File imported, one stand-alone feature now created.

  • Stand-alone feature is now importing successfully.

Time Tracking – clock icon URL bug

Ability to access the Time Tracking module.

  • User can access the Time Tracking module based on every single Time Tracking permission.

Team sprints persist in backlog after changing program

Change program in the context menu and old sprints persist.

  • Previously selected sprints are now removed when the program changes. 


10.8: Defect Areas Fixes


  • Workday: Fixed style for the validation dialog box.
  • (People): Fixed error displaying in the console during opening the Edit User page.
  • (People): Fixed searching group name not visible in the Feedback Group Assignment dialog box.
  • (People): Fixed validation message styling.
  • (Use Trend): Fixed error in the console when opening a high chart.


  • Fixed error when using special characters in a multi-edit dialog box.

Epic Edit Page:

  • Fixed filtering on work items on the Links tab from not showing based on the selected Portfolio and Program.
  • Fixed error during epic updates saving.
  • Fixed not styled field on the Forecast tab.
  • Fixed the Value tab options in a high-level ROI drop-down lists not loading.


  • Fixed 500 error when trying to add a comment to the discussion.
  • Fixed Whoops error when searching for issues.

Logs Changes:

  • Fixed user not being found via UID in apply filters.
  • Fixed details with a long name not showing in search results.
  • Fixed search results not getting to reset after clicking a magnifying glass icon.
  • Fixed grid sizing being too small.


  • Fixed search field results overlapping in the grid.


  • Fixed Monte Carlo / Forecast Setup dialog box not converting into the Portfolio tab.
  • Fixed Platform Settings: Dialog boxes from the Team tab are not converted to new UI.

Portfolio Edit:

  • Fixed not being able to open the Members tab and close the slide-out panel.

Program Room:

  • Fixed turning off Runway does not persist on View Configuration.

Report Baseline:

  • Fixed typing alphabetic symbols in any of input fields crashes.

Scorecard Configuration:

  • Fixed question and answer fields being cut after special characters.

Team Hierarchy:

  • Fixed user name is cut when displaying in the agile teams section.


  • Fixed changes to agile team name and description not displaying in the audit log.
  • Fixed error in console when adding any symbols to the URL.
  • Fixed Whoops error when searching for teams.
  • Fixed Whoops error when searching using Apply Filter.


  • Fixed Whoops error after opening Feature Edit with added quotes in terminology settings.


  • Fixed Incorrect program and PI displaying for publically shared checklists.

Cycle Time:

  • Fixed Avg added on bars tooltips.
  • Fixed Avg Value Stream info overlapping last bar tooltip.
  • Fixed legend to show all steps for Value Stream Process Step Cycle Time.

Daily Standup Meeting:

  • Fixed Users and Progress not fully visible on 1280x800 screen resolution.


  • Fixed Bad performance for custom column.
  • Fixed Benefits column sorting.
  • Fixed Benefits field validation; >2000 characters disappear after saving.
  • Fixed Discrepancy between status columns in the Feature grid and Status report.
  • Fixed scroll for Notes.

Lean Use Cases:

  • Fixed lean use cases that cannot be saved.


  • Fixed Sprint review meeting color changes on calendar view when completed.


  • Fixed Story, Feature, Epic, (Core Work Item) performance drag.

Program Room:

  • Fixed White space on collapsed view.


  • Fixed Labels on landing pages not visible when hovering over buttons.
  • Fixed View Split Stories defects.

Slide-out Panel Traversing:

  • Fixed Allocation page breaks display of panels.
  • Fixed sub work items tabs disappearing when the user changes in the Page Config/Add to Kanban Board dialog boxes.
  • Fixed Task panel displaying incorrectly when trying to add a new task.
  • Fixed Team panel displaying incorrectly when trying to add a new sprint.

Sprint Planning:

  • Fixed Checklist card duplication.

Team Room:

  • Fixed Last day language displaying in plural – 1 days.

UX/UI PI Checklist:

  • Fixed Issue where Admins can only de-select an item selected by them.
  • Fixed Name of the user that selected the card appears only after page reload.
  • User with the Admin role is not able to edit a checklist because of the missed Save button.


  • Fixed height requirement warning from UI.

Work Tree:

  • Fixed Expand functionality being broken.
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