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The old navigation will be removed from Jira Align in early 2024.
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Explore teams with More Actions found on the toolbar of the teams grid:

  • Export: With the export option, you can store your teams in one document. You can also use this option to email or review the data. The exported file is saved in the Excel format.
  • Delete: Delete a team if necessary. The deleted item is removed from all reports and views.
  • Team Details: The Team Details report is similar to an org (organizational) chart, displaying Jira Align users and their team relationships. It's a quick way to search for Jira Align users, access their user profiles, and see the teams they participate on.
  • Organizational Hierarchy: The Organizational Hierarchy is a tree-like report, showing data from the highest organization level down to the team level.
  • Team Logos: The Team Logos report is a fun report that shows team pictures and logos, and the projects the teams have worked on.
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