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Open a team’s slide-out details panel where you can view the following additional options: 

  • Add Sprint: Assign a specific sprint to a team.
  • Current Sprint Capacity: The sprint capacity report details the team capacity throughout the sprint, and is especially helpful to Scrum Masters as they determine whether the overall goal of the sprint can be achieved with the available team members. It is useful to review the sprint capacity report during sprint planning and throughout the sprint to ensure team commitments can be achieved with available capacity.
  • Allocations: Set the task allocation and defect allocation for each team member. It is the percentage of time per sprint allocated for each team member assigned to the sprint. This percentage is translated to hours based on the Daily Max and Daily Defect settings configured for the PI of your sprint. Days off or vacations can influence member allocations. Allocations are retained as the default allocations for all team members and are copied to all sprints of this team. Allocations may be over-written at the sprint level during the sprint planning meeting or on the Capacity Planning page. When changed, these apply only to the sprint(s) in which the changes were made.
  • Audit Log: A history of the updates made to a team by date.
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