Release vehicles: additional options

Open a release vehicle’s slide-out details panel where you can view the following additional options:

  • Release Vehicle Hierarchy: In the hierarchy tree, you can view the PI that the release vehicle is associated with.
  • Add Work Code To Release Vehicle: Add a new work code to the release vehicle. The link is not available for the complete release vehicles.
  • External References: Any external links you want to associate with a release vehicle. You can add design, approval, compliance, or other types of links.
  • Audit Log: A history of the updates made to a release vehicle by date.
  • Delete: Delete a release vehicle if necessary. The deleted item is removed from all reports and views. If you associate a release vehicle with a work code, you cannot delete it, but you can deactivate it. You must set the release vehicle to the Complete health state to deactivate it.
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