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Open a sprint’s slide-out details panel where you can view the following additional options:

  • Subscribe: Subscribe to a sprint to receive email notifications about any changes made to it.
  • Audit Log: A history of the updates made to a sprint by date.
  • Lock/Unlock: If a sprint is locked and in progress, acceptance criteria cannot be added, tasks cannot be deleted, and the sprint cannot be changed. Only a scrum master, analyst, or team coach can make these changes. Pay attention that when sprints are synced between Jira Align and Jira, the connector will lock a Jira Align sprint that is synced with an active Jira sprint. If a user manually unlocks a sprint in Jira Align, the next time the connector runs, the sprint will get locked again. 
    • Terminate Sprint: This action will end the sprint and set an end date to today. You cannot terminate a completed sprint. Sprints can be closed manually, or they can be closed automatically if you have the Start and End Sprint Automatically team platform setting enabled. With the option enabled, if a sprint isn’t closed manually, it will close automatically at 11:59 PM on its last day.
      Note: If you're using the Jira connector, closing an integrated sprint in Jira Align won't affect the sprint in Jira.
  • Capacity: The sprint capacity report details the team capacity throughout the sprint, and is especially helpful to Scrum Masters as they determine whether the overall goal of the sprint can be achieved with the available team members. It is useful to review the sprint capacity report during sprint planning and throughout the sprint to ensure team commitments can be achieved with available capacity.
  • Disciplines: Assign the disciplines associated with the PI the sprint is in. Up to three disciplines can be added to a PI for team members to enter time against outside of the story work.
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