Defects: additional options


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Open a defect's slide-out details panel where you can view the following additional options:

  • Discussions: A chat around a defect. You can use the discussions to resolve any questions around a defect’s development or leave comments on a defect. Use the @ symbol to tag users or the whole team and notify them about the discussion.
  • Subscribe: Subscribe to a defect to receive email notifications about any changes made to it.
  • Kanban Board: Add To Board Column: Add a defect to a certain Kanban board. Click this option, and then select a board and a column on the board. Here, backlog and archive are also listed as column options. The card added to the Kanban board is assigned to the owner of the item by default. If the owner of the item is not among the users of the Kanban board, the card is unassigned.
  • Convert To Story: In some cases, a defect may require more work and can be escalated to a story type.
  • Defect Hierarchy: In the defect hierarchy tree, you can view stories associated with this defect.
  • Delete: Deleting a defect will place it in the recycle bin, where later you can recover it from. All its fields and relationships are recovered.
  • Audit Log: A history of the updates made to a defect by date.
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