Manage test sets with the test sets grid

A test set is a group of test cases that belong to specific tasks or feature or have some other reason to be run together. Good candidates for test sets can be, for example:

  • Test cases that focus on a certain part of the system, such as GUI or database.
  • Test cases that belong to a certain task, such as regression or sanity.
  • A set of test cases that needs to be run by a single tester during a day or week.

To view the test sets, go to Team > Test Sets.

On the Test Sets page, you can use a filter option to narrow down the list of selected criteria displayed in a grid. For example, you may want to filter the list of test sets by an ID, a title, a program increment, a sprint, an environment, or an owner. Additionally, you can click a column header to sort the list.

Grid columns

  • ID: Unique ID for the test set.
  • Test Set: The name of a test set.
  • Program Increment: Program Increment in which the test set will be used.
  • Sprint: Short name of the sprint in which the test set will be used.
  • Environment: Test environment that this test set belongs to.
  • Team: Team the test set is assigned to. The team is associated with a test set through the sprint.
  • Owner: The owner of the test set. Click the round icon with the owners’ initials to view their title, system role, teams they belong to, and their roles in those teams.
  • Select: Select a check box and Delete from the More Actions menu to delete the test set.

See also

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