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You can find these additional options on a story's slide-out details panel under Show More > More Options:

  • Split: If a story cannot be completed in a sprint as planned, then you can split this story. When splitting a story, you can assign the remaining uncompleted items to a split story in a future sprint. You can only split a story once.
  • Reassign: In some cases, you may need to write a story and then assign it to a program for development. The scenario is that a product owner needs to delegate it to another team. For this option, a story should be in the Pending Approval or Ready To Start state and be assigned to a team.
  • Merge: If there are duplicate stories that should be combined into a single story, then the merge option can be used. Merge combines all tasks under one story to make the merge more efficient.
  • Move to Recycle Bin: If a sprint has not started yet or if you are working with a backlog item that has not been assigned to a sprint, then you have the option to delete a story.
  • Cancel Item: You can enter into a PI with the intention of completing a story but can stop work and preserve the story by using a canceled status. A canceled status means a story will not be worked on or is frozen. Canceling the item will place it in the canceled recycle bin, where it can later be restored from. The canceled item is removed from all reports and views.
  • Drop: If a sprint has already started, but the team decides to remove a story, such story can be dropped. Drops are tracked as negative KPIs to drive better planning in the future. Dropping a story will put this story as inactive. All development and QA tasks will also be dropped. To recover this story once you have dropped it, you will have to assign this story back to the sprint. This action can be performed during story planning.
  • Copy: From here you can copy a story. All tasks, acceptance criteria, and chat from a story will be copied as well.

To split a story:

  1. Click Split, and then click Yes, split it! in the confirmation message.
  2. Select the appropriate reason for splitting a story, and then type an explanation for it.
  3. Click Split.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to transfer any necessary tasks, specifications, acceptance criteria, UI designs, and defects associated with this story.
  5. Select the sprint in which the new split story will be delivered.
  6. Click Save, and then close the dialog box.


  • Splitting a story will lead to the creation of Split Part 1 and Split Part 2.  Split Part 1 will be capped at State: 4-Test Complete due to the splitting of planned work, while Split Part 2 can progress to State: 5-Accepted due to the completion of all planned work.
  • When splitting a story that is synced with Jira through the Jira connector, task movement is disabled due to a limitation in the Jira API. After splitting the story in Jira Align, log into your Jira project to manually move remaining tasks to the Split Part 2 story.

To reassign a story:

  1. Click Reassign.
  2. Select a program and a team to which you want to reassign this story.
  3. Click Reassign.

To merge stories:

  • Click Merge, select the stories you want to merge into one story, and then click Merge.

To move a story to a recycle bin:

  • Click Move To Recycle Bin, and then click Yes in the confirmation message.

To cancel a story:

  • Click Cancel Item, and then click Yes in the confirmation message.

To drop a story:

  1. Click Drop, and then click Drop This Story.
  2. Close the dialog box.

 To change a story state:

  1. Click Change State.
  2. Select the necessary state: Dev Complete, Test Complete, or Accept.

         Note: Click Undo {State} if you want to change the state back.

  1. Close the dialog box.

 To copy a story:

  1. Click Copy.
  2. Type a name for a new story, and then click Copy.
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