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Promoting the right ideas to work items on the active backlogs is a critical part of the Ideation process. To get here, select Ideation > Manage Backlog.

To convert an idea to a work item, select this idea under Enhancement Requests, click the ellipses button (...) next to the idea, and then convert it.

From the Manage Enhancement Requests page, campaign administrators can:

  • Refine and organize sets of ideas into proto-backlogs: 
    • Set a T-shirt size for the idea based on relative sizing discussion.
    • Position the ideas into columns aligned with statuses to have a clear picture on where items are in their lifecycle.
  • Promote ideas to execution work items that will be delivered through the product backlogs. Convert or promote the ideas to work items on the appropriate product backlog. When promoting the idea, a user may:
    • Create a new work item that is linked to the idea. The idea can spawn a variety of work items (epics, features, or stories) depending on the relative size of the idea.
    • Map to an existing feature on the work item backlog.
  • Review the enhancement idea's progress through workflow statuses:
    • Open: The idea has been reviewed, but is not yet prioritized. 
    • Planned: Work items related to the idea are aligned with an appropriate PI.
    • Complete: Work items related to the idea are complete.
    • Shelved: Previously shelved ideas can be reinvestigated during the backlog discussions and moved to another status.

      Note: Contributors may also update an idea's Status field. 
  • Track the relationship between the idea and the execution of the work items that will deliver the objective of the idea.
  • Generate a Feedback Report which provides a set of charts that offer an overview of the progress of the ideas through the campaign.
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