Release Notes for 10.6


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10.6: Defect Areas Fixes

Acceptance Criteria Grid:

  • Fixed syntax error, page now handles edited URL parameter value without throwing error
  • Fixed Whoops error after sorted by columns


  • Fixed view graph for individual assessments to now show every answer displaying on a separate view.
  • Fixed user access to assessment report page. Report role ID now showing in additional options with the ability to toggle.


  • Fixed Quick Add Epic section where incorrect program is displayed in the Select Program field


  • The hint freezes after clicking the team members bubble


  • Fixed search existing field is now showing in search field
  • Fixed data alignment on parent epic column

Capacity Planning:

  • Fixed adjusting team allocation icon now available in the chart view
  • Fixed remaining hours threshold highlights yellow

Daily Meeting:

  • Fixed 500 Error when trying to end meeting from landing page

Daily Standup:

  • Fixed story points burndown sprint chart to reflect dev/test complete points
  • Fixed sprint chart to reflect the Accepted state for Trend for each story state this release / this sprint
  • Fixed Meeting Summary dialog box to account for right and left arrow visibility and accessibility

Dependency Maps:

  • Fixed team members display in pop-over


  • Fixed assigned capability showing in the Epic Planning window
  • Fixed drop-down menus and field sizes
  • Fixed Whoops error in the Epic grid
  • Fixed sort grid by State


  • Fixed Epic/Capability/Feature notifications when trying to split E/C/F without a Program Increment assigned


  • Fixed added border to the Priority column
  • Fixed wrong name on the Feature Trace page
  • Fixed Quick Add Story section is broken after user edits a story on a slide-out panel


  • Fixed Save & Close button. Slide-out panel now saves and closes correctly
  • Fixed field alignment on the Add/Edit External Idea page
  • Fixed added validation message on re-enter password field


  • Fixed Theme field validation on import file and on the Objective edit page
  • Fixed import of test cases after exporting test cases

Investment vs. Actuals:

  • Fixed sizing of background information message not fitting on page
  • Fixed internal server error when trying to open a report

Sprint Plan:

  • Fixed error when trying to expand a story. Now any story can be expanded.
  • Fixed Editing Task and Add buttons on the Story edit page is now viewable when opened from the Sprint Planning meeting

Mass Move:

  • Fixed internal server error when a user with a team member role tries to open this page from the feature grid
  • Fixed pagination in the Items to Move section for work items


  • Fixed Calendar matrix button display name is corrected from showing incorrect button name
  • Fixed filters not filtering correctly in the Meeting grid. Now Tier 1 is hooked up to show this
  • Fixed sprint planning steps missing in the Sprint Planning meetings

Milestone Grid:

  • Fixed Apply Filters terminology now replaceable
  • Fixed left side navigation appearing twice after edit + save of a query string


  • Fixed selected target sprint disappearing from the Objective edit page


  • Fixed drop-down dialog box styling for Portfolio Specific Configuration


  • Fixed added missing link above recent games section back to poker landing
  • Fixed cards and story description to center on poker table
  • Fixed recent games title display
  • Fixed implemented scroll and scroll position when user scrolls messages in chat
  • Fixed lookup by user and team ID in order to allow a user to select stories for estimation

Portfolio Room:

  • Fixed Program Increment Roadmap loading issue when full hierarchy snapshot not in use
  • Fixed Coming Soon tooltip styling
  • Fixed Estimated Budget feature calculations when not using Fibonacci values
  • Fixed duplicate progress showing from Epic edit panel
  • Fixed long theme name bleeding into display


  • Fixed organization structure search field now finds values

Program Board:

  • Fixed diamond icon page styling
  • Fixed Reset button now working in the Extra Config section
  • Fixed Display view when opened from hierarchy
  • Fixed Program Board filters to filter by parent object
  • Fixed Select Some Option placeholder absent for all fields in the Extra Config section

Program Room:

  • Fixed program load calculation when multiple programs are assigned to a release
  • Fixed velocity calculation when multiple programs are assigned to a release
  • Fixed Epic Progress count updated to account for Additional Program value selection
  • Fixed velocity calculation to account for when more than one program is assigned to the same release
  • Fixed same feature showing twice in Feature by Epic when assigned to Epic Additional Program
  • Fixed size and styling of the velocity override dialog box


  • Fixed Program add page when adding program from portfolio
  • Fixed 500 Error on creation and opening portfolio without programs attached

Retrospective Meetings:

  • Fixed dialog box size and spacing on the page


  • Fixed program selections disappearing when new program added above
  • Fixed moved release drop-down menu under program drop-down menu
  • Fixed relationship defaulting to Release after selecting it to Select One
  • Fixed double quotes title truncation in the Risk grid

Sprint Edit:

  • Fixed drop-down list on copy teams members & allocations display

Sprint Review:

  • Fixed Sprint Review label displaying value when meeting was cleared
  • Fixed Sprint Review Meeting chart display for Planned/Accepted Trend
  • Fixed Sprint Review added back in Duration functionality
  • Fixed user showing in the wrong list with a long name


  • Fixed transparent items showing during standup

Status Report:

  • Fixed Tier 2 disappearing when using the Capture report


  • Fixed task name shifting on the Edit Story slide-out panel
  • Fixed Select One as a default value for the Owner field

Story Edit:

  • Fixed new task fields not clearing out on the UI after adding new task fields

Story Grid:

  • Fixed editable placeholder appearing after Quick Add
  • Fixed items duplicating in the Apply Filter menu
  • Fixed task circle showing on Edge browsers

Story Link Report:

  • Fixed Story and Feature slide-out panels not opening after clicking the links
  • Fixed Create New Dependency link overlapping on border

Team Meetings:

  • Fixed new meeting landing page shows Retrospective Meetings associated to teams
  • Fixed meeting status updates to account for meetings that are not finished

Team Room:

  • Fixed time left on progress card to show days vs. percentage
  • Fixed calculation of spent/remaining hours in the Story grid
  • Fixed Sprint Heath report when opening from team room
  • Fixed page hangs when trying to add a dependency
  • Fixed team member seeing accurate progress in the My View progress card


  • Fixed users can upload photos for teams


  • Fixed Total Budget opening with an error
  • Fixed Total Budget dialog box. No longer changing size based on content contained within.
  • Fixed users cannot open the Epic Details page from the Total Budget dialog box


  • Fixed Total Budget dialog box UI issues
  • Fixed incorrect number of items displayed per page for Epic/Capability/Feature/Story on Mass Delete
  • Fixed accepted feature overriding underlying story progress
  • Fixed state of themes added through Quick Add not showing on Burnup
  • Fixed progress epic list; epics are not displaying in global rank priority order
  • Fixed data from the Finance tab displaying incorrectly in audit log after creation
  • Fixed Themes/Epics/Capabilities showing in value streams they belong to in the WIP Report
  • Fixed lines on the WIP Report

Work Tree:

  • Fixed internal 500 Error displayed during chart delete


  • Fixed permissions on Epics for a primary vs. additional program. A user must now have rights in order to change the program


  • Fixed Epic Planning in Portfolio naming updated to support Capabilities when Capabilities are turned on


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