Time submission metrics

You can view a dashboard showing Time Tracking metrics to determine when to perform data extracts and to manage the outstanding items within your organization. To get started with the Time Submission Metrics report, follow these steps:

  1. Select Time Tracking from the left menu bar.
  2. On the toolbar (top-left of the page), click the Reports button. The Reports page displays; the dashboard metrics display near the top of the page.

The dashboard gives you a visual snapshot of time submission metrics and includes the following statistics:

  • Submitted vs. Not Submitted. The percent of timesheets that were submitted at least once vs. those that were never submitted at all.
  • Timesheet Status. The percent of approved vs. rejected vs. recalled vs. submitted timesheets.
  • Submission Compliance. The percent of timesheets submitted on time vs. not on time.
  • Approval Compliance. The percent of timesheets approved on time vs. not on time.

From the Time Period drop-down menu, you can select the following time periods to view those periods' metrics:

  • Extract Period
  • Week
  • Date Range

Additionally, you can filter your report by an enterprise hierarchy, a manager, a contractor manager, and a time approver. Selecting one of these options from the Additional Filter drop-down menu will populate another drop-down menu with the list of hierarchies, managers, contractor managers, or time approvers. When one of the options is selected, it will show everything related to the item selected. For example, if a hierarchy is selected, everything associated with that level of the hierarchy and below will be shown. If a manager is selected, only users associated with that manager or any manager below them will be shown, regardless of their position in the organization hierarchy.

Note: Although you can filter the report by one of these options at a time, the users reflected on your filtered report may further be affected by permissions associated with your Time Tracking roles.

To export the report, click the Export button. The exported file includes the following detailed metrics data:

  • User name and email
  • Timesheet status
  • Timesheet hours
  • Timesheet submission date and timesheet submission compliance
  • Timesheet approval date and timesheet approval compliance
  • Manager name and contractor manager name
  • Time approver name
  • Enterprise hierarchy
  • Filter By (the selection in the Time Period drop-down menu)
  • Period (the period chosen to filter by)
  • Week (only for the Extract Period and Date Range options in the Time Period drop-down menu)
  • Employee classification

This report is exported as an .xls document, which you can use outside of Jira Align.

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