Assign delegates to approve time

As a time approver, you can assign delegates to approve time when you are on vacation or unable to approve time yourself. You can set a range of dates for delegation. Delegation will not occur until the start date and will be removed at the end date. Thus, the delegation comes back to you automatically.

You can only delegate to one person. Delegation can be changed and a new person selected at any time. When the delegate is selected, no employee time information will appear on the time approver's page. It appears on the delegate’s page under a separate section Your Delegations. You can delegate time approval to any time approver within the same portfolio.

Someone who is an assigned delegate for another time approver cannot delegate approval to another person. If you must delegate your work, talk to the approver that delegated work to you to have that delegation removed.

To assign a delegate:

  1. Select Time Tracking from the left menu bar.
  2. On the toolbar (top-left of the page), click the Time Approval button. The Time Approval page displays.
  3. On the toolbar (top-right of the page), click the Assign Delegates button. The Assign Delegates page displays.
  4. From the Select Delegates drop-down menu, select the person you want to delegate your time approval to.
  5. Click in the Start Date box, and then select the start date of the delegation.
  6. Click in the End Date box, and then select the end date of the delegation.
  7. Click Save, and then close the dialog box.

Note: To delete a delegate, click Remove Delegate.

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