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The Time Tracking module will be removed from Jira Align in version 10.119.0.
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The Jira Align time tracking module is an Enterprise time tracking system designed to track and report time across your global organization. It helps organizations manage projects, track work hours and holidays, control billing and costs, approve timesheets, send notifications, get real-time reports, and much more.

Time tracker

Enter time

You can manage and track your time on the timesheet. Time is entered in weekly intervals day by day for each project a team member is working on. You can report your work hours as well as administration work (vacation or maternity leave). Holidays are grayed out on the timesheet, and you can take floating holidays if needed.

Submit and recall time

Jira Align includes time submission workflow allowing users to submit time to a time approver and recall it if necessary. The time approver will accept or reject the time. They can also recall the timesheet if necessary.

View timesheets

You can view your previous timesheet submissions to see what was approved over time and review communication between the time submitter and approver. The previous 26 weeks of timesheets are available to review, and all timesheets contain a full audit log.

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Time approver

Approve time

Time approvers approve and manage time for their employees. As a time approver, you approve time worked on a project as well as personal time off for team members reporting to you. The time approver approves time in weekly intervals. If an error is discovered in an approved timesheet, it can be recalled and rejected. This allows the time tracker to fix the error and resubmit the timesheet.

A time approver can also enter time for time trackers if they are unavailable to update their timesheet for some reason. Time trackers have the option to record time as delegates.

Delegate approval

If time approvers are on vacation or unable to approve time, they can delegate another time approver to approve time for them. You can set a range of dates for delegation. When the delegate is selected, the employee time information appears on the delegate’s page.

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The key time tracking reports are as follows:

  • With the Time Submission Metrics report, you can view a dashboard showing time tracking metrics and determine when to perform data extracts and to manage the outstanding items within your organization.
  • The Detailed Time Export report shows the breakdown of all time entered in an exported .xls document.
  • The PTO Export report shows the personal time off (PTO) taken by team members within the organization.
  • The Time Project Closure Export report shows the time projects that can be closed each month so you can know which projects are complete and which can be closed.
  • With the Timesheet Export report, you can export timesheets for users within your organization.
  • The Project Attributes Export report shows a list of time projects and their details.
  • The User Attributes Export report shows a filtered list of Jira Align users along with their attributes so that you can compare users against the system of record.
  • The No “Launched Date” Export report shows any time projects that are past their Expected Completion date and do not have a Launched date.
  • The Timesheet Compliance Export report shows the compliance metrics for groups within your organization so that you can be sure that time is submitted and approved on time and your team members are in compliance.

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