Release Notes for 10.5


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10X: Progress Bar Updates

New Look & Feel:

In 10X, we have updated progress bars across the application with a new look and feel. New progress bars will reflect across Strategy, Theme, Epic, Capability, Feature, Story, Program Increment, Release Vehicle, and Sprint. The main progress bar will calculate points based on estimations, (SWAG), of the actual item and then will show a calculation based on actual story points.

Progress Indicators:

In addition, progress bars now come with details on mouse over/hover that reflect real-time data. There will be horizontal lines that segment the progress bars to show where the current day is compared to the time frame of the item.

There are two indicator arrows that show only if the item has been estimated or scheduled.

There is a blue dot on the mouse over that shows the default progress bar that is used for that portfolio.


Custom Progress Settings:

In the Portfolio Specific > Admin section, a user can configure which type of progress bar to use.


Users can also specify and define unique conditional progress threshold percentages. Progress threshold percentages define the conditions that display specific progress color on bars.

Users can customize and define progress bars in the Admin settings based on:

1 - Story Points

2 - Item Count

3 - Item Progress based on status


10X: New Impersonate Functionality

In 10X, we have updated and moved the Impersonate functionality to the top-right section of the Tier 1 menu next to Notifications and Search. The key icon grants you impersonate access.


Once in the Impersonate menu, you can click the Setup Personas link on the bottom to toggle through personas that are repeatedly impersonated.


Define your quick-access impersonations by mapping AgileCraft users to personas. Use the Map Personas to Users dialog box to select and map your persona impersonation scheme.


After saving you will have a new panel that allows you to click on the Impersonate button to toggle across roles in under two clicks.


Note: Security update. Anyone can be given access to impersonate, but if you do not have Admin permissions, you cannot impersonate an Admin.

10X: Kanban Updates: Mapping Work Item Types

In 10X, a new kanban enhancement allows you to consolidate work item types into a single column and map the work item states for each work item type uniquely within the same column.

The original state toggle is still located at the top of the new slide in panel (Column Type) for the sake of the Lean Analytics / reports. Notice that when you set up a process step state mapping and the value stream has state mapping enabled, all work items within its specified program will be mapped to the process steps state mapping instead of what you have mapped below it (and of course, any work items not associated to that value stream will use the bottom state mapping).




10X: Added Cancel Status for Features

In 10X, we added a cancelled status for features. Now users can have the flexibility to enter into a PI with the intention of completing a feature, but can stop work and preserve the feature via a cancelled status.  Cancelled status means the feature will not be worked on, or is frozen. 



Added JIRA Cancelled Status Mapping:

Features and stories that are assigned to a cancelled workflow in JIRA are automatically moved to the cancelled recycle bin.

There is also a delete item status in the JIRA connector. When this status is configured in the XML, it hard deletes the item in AgileCraft.


10.5: Defect Fixes


  • Scheduler date fixes: validation logic updated
  • Fixed team selection view in dropdown
  • Fixed whoops error when saving added users

Portfolio Room:

  • Reset button added to graphs
  • Fixed standalone feature toggle
  • Fixed epic duplication when mapped to multiple releases
  • Fixed loader moving after showing epics with stand-alone switcher on the Execution tab; epics and stand-alone features are fixed on the page

Team Room:

  • Fixed Tier 1 and left menu panels appearing in the Capacity modal after save
  • Fixed Team Velocity progress bar
  • Fixed Points Complete and Points Accepted metrics being displayed separately


  • Fixed users being able to add widgets without a dashboard
  • Fixed when removing one dashboard, all dashboards disappear from the drop-down menu
  • Fixed styling in Edge browser
  • Fixed background color selections


  • Fixed Last Met Date duplication
  • Sprint Planning: Fixed Percentage (%) Participation calculation
  • Sprint Planning: Fixed and added a scroll to the Sprint Planning Meeting modal
  • Sprint Planning: UX fixes related to Progress, State, and Defect columns
  • Sprint Review: Fixed DB error when trying to continue a meeting later
  • Sprint Review: Fixed counting of participation. Percentage is counted as ([present members]/[all members])*100
  • Sprint Review: Fixed meeting can be restarted from modal after clearing previously run meeting
  • Daily Standup: Fixed Risk and Scope Trends for This Iteration chart, that appears when ending meeting; now reflects existing risks
  • Daily Standup: Fixed Defect Trend for This Iteration chart; on Defect Trend for This Iteration chart that appears when ending a meeting, the trend of Active/Closed/Opened/High/Critical defects is now reflected
  • Daily Standup: Fixed Tested Points for This Iteration chart; on Tested Points for This Iteration chart that appears when ending meeting, sum of all tested value points is reflected
  • Daily Standup: Fixed error 500’s when navigating between graphs
  • Daily Standup: Fixed Points Complete displayed on Sprint Status modal
  • Daily Standup: Fixed error when hovering over Story Progress
  • Daily Meeting: Fixed browser message displaying instead of overlay on Restart Meeting
  • Review Meeting: Fixed modal for Start Meeting from breaking the UI
  • Team Meeting: Fixed Last Met date displayed under Sprint Planning Meeting while button was showing Restart Meeting

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Fixed error when user tries to add a new acceptance criteria through the modal
  • Fixed UI modal styling and placement


  • Fixed field name from “Summary” to “Description”
  • Fixed ideas are now tied to terminology settings
  • Fixed ability to create an idea for a public group without clearing out Description field

Quick Add:

  • Fixed Quick Add in Story slide out panel


  • Fixed Split field being shown in Full Details
  • Fixed capabilities count showing incorrectly under epics; count is now reflecting deleted capabilities

Agile Team:

  • Fixed child programs not showing in the list of available programs


  • Fixed log showing incorrect anchor dates
  • Fixed incorrect state showing when sprint generated form anchor dates
  • Sprint Coaching: Fixed estimated burn line not showing up on statistics chart; Estimated Burn line starts from today's date as a continuation of Actual Burn line


  • Fixed Personas column toggle to now show for columns shown section in backlog for Story page


  • Fixed security error on Feature Audit report
  • Fixed landing page images on missing reports
  • Fixed alignment on Strategy Snapshot edit page


  • Fixed Cyrillic alphabet support in Chat


  • Fixed epic edit acceptance criteria sizing
  • Fixed alignment on mass move
  • Fixed alignment on members tab
  • Fixed format in the log for a copied feature
  • Fixed risk dates format showing in audit log
  • Fixed wrong Risk field names showing on audit log
  • Fixed Retrospective alignment and spacing
  • Fixed Release Sprint Report at resolution 1280 x 800
  • Fixed Epic Grid so that users can’t select filters that are already added
  • Fixed Score Card Report alignment


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