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A sprint review meeting is a live team meeting to do a final demo of progress and gather feedback from stakeholders at the end of the sprint. You can run this meeting for Agile teams during the time of when the sprint is in progress through until the end of the sprint.

Sprint review meetings (iteration retrospectives) provide Scrum Masters and RTEs with visibility across programs and teams into the status of sprint reviews and allow Scrum Masters or other designated users to launch an automated meeting. Scrum Masters & RTEs who wish to track and manage the sprint review progress across teams and/or programs will find this page useful.

Context: Following each sprint the team should reflect on "What has gone well", "What is not working /did not go well", and "What could be done better" in the spirit of kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese word roughly translating to "the relentless pursuit of excellence". For example, Jira Align's automated sprint review meetings provide insight into a team's historical velocity, the work that it planned versus work delivered/accepted, and other pertinent insight into team performance that Scrum Masters, RTEs, and coaches can use to fine-tune each team's execution.

If you’re using the new navigation:

  1. Select Teams in the top navigation bar and select the team you want to view information about.
  2. On the sidebar, select Team meetings in the list of options.

If you’re using the old navigation:

  1. Select Team from the left Nav menu.
  2. Under the Team section of the Nav menu, select Team Meetings.

To start a sprint review meeting for an Agile team:

  1. On the team meetings page, select Review Meeting from the dropdown, and then select the start and end dates of the sprint for which you want to run the meeting. Sprint review meeting appears when the sprint is in progress through until the end of the sprint. You also need to run the first standup for the review meeting to appear.
  2. Click Start Meeting for the appropriate sprint, and then again click Start Meeting in the dialog box. 
  3. On the Sprint Review Meeting page, select who of the team members is present at the meeting.

In a meeting

Walk through the stories to accept all complete stories. The team might also demo stories to interested stakeholders during this meeting.

  1. View the graph that displays planned points and the accepted trend across several sprints.
  2. Expand a story to view its details, including tasks related to the story, its acceptance criteria, reports, and other.
  3. From the State drop-down menu next to a story, select whether the story is dev complete, test complete, or accepted, and then click Yes in the confirmation message. A story must be dev complete and test complete to be accepted. Stories with a light-blue background are already accepted.
  4. Point to the progress bar next to the story to view all tasks related to it and hours estimated, spent, and remaining.
  5. Open a story's acceptance criteria, and then mark the criteria as accepted or failed.
  6. To close a task:
    1. Open a task, and then select Done from the State drop-down menu.
    2. Click Save & Close.
  7. Under Future Sprint Forecast, select an option to indicate the team consensus for future sprints.
  8. Under Sprint Goal, decide whether the team met the goal set at the planning meeting or not.
  9. Update the sprint status if needed.
  10. Under Sprint review checklist, mark items as complete. The Checklist feature allows you to create and follow a comprehensive list of important or relevant actions, or steps to be taken, in a specific order; it serves as a guide for accessing specific pages, in sequence, needed to complete a task.
  11. Complete the How does the team feel about the Program Increment so far? box with the feedback of team members about the latest sprint.
  12. Click Continue later to save your meeting information and continue later, or click Finish to end the meeting.

Team Burndown/Sprint Status

View the Sprint Status to date graph, which is a combined sprint and project burndown starting from the sprint planning and till the sprint review. The graph is a visual representation of points complete and points accepted, the ideal burn and the actual burn in a sprint.

Team metrics

  • Defects – closed out of total defects in a sprint
  • Story Progress – completed out of total stories in a sprint
  • Task Hours – logged out of total task hours in a sprint
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