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About this report

You can synchronize issue links from Jira and convert them into dependencies in Jira Align. The Story Link report is used to generate a report of all story links, which are not yet converted to dependencies. You can access the report under Program > Dependencies > More Actions > Story Link Report. For more information on the Jira link setup, visit the Set up Jira link actions section under Jira Integration Setup.


  1. Portfolio must be created in the system.
  2. Program must be created and tied to a portfolio.
  3. Program Increment (PI) must exist in the system and be tied to a program.
  4. Sprints must exist in the system and be tied to a team.
  5. Epics must be created and tied to the PI.
  6. Features must be created and tied to epics.
  7. Stories must be created and tied to features.
  8. Jira integration must be set up.
  9. Jira issue links must be created in Jira.

How are report values calculated?

  • Mass Create Dependencies = Convert all Jira Software issue links to Jira Align dependencies.
  • Create New Dependency = Convert the selected Jira Software issue link to the Jira Align dependency.

How to interpret this report

This report is a quick way to track Jira Software story links which are not yet converted to dependencies in Jira Align within the selected PI. Use Extra Configs to filter the report by additional options and to narrow down the search.

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