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This page gives a comprehensive view of all agile meetings that have been conducted or will be conducted for teams. It is a central location to run interactive, time-boxed meetings to plan, execute, review results, and refine practices. You can switch between the List and Calendar views for your convenience. From this page, you can start a meeting for the necessary team. The meetings appear depending on your selection on the Configuration bar.

When a sprint is created, the system creates meetings based on the cadence of the sprint. Daily standups are scheduled for every day, a sprint planning - 5 days before the sprint start through until the end of the sprint, a sprint review - when the sprint is in progress through until the end of the sprint, a retrospective - when live and if it has been run, and a poker - when it is live. The Team of Teams meetings are similar to the standup meetings.

Note: For meetings to be created, the Team > Transform > Retrospective, Team > Team > Team Meetings, and Additional Options > Reports > Retrospective system role toggles must all be switched on.

How are values calculated?

  • Meeting Types = the type of the meeting: daily meeting (daily synchronization meeting to align teams), retrospective (post sprint review to improve performance), review meeting (final demo to show results and collect feedback), sprint planning (initial meeting to plan work for the next sprint), or team of teams (synchronization for multiple teams and products)
  • Begin and end dates = the date range of the meetings
  • Todays Meetings = all meetings scheduled for today
  • Retrospective Landing = launch a retrospective meeting
  • Poker Landing = launch a poker planning
  • Action Items (for a team of team meeting) = view a list of open and closed meeting action items for a specific program within a PI
  • View Board (for a team of team meeting) = check the alignment status of the teams, including action items, risks and impediments, and related dependencies
  • View Meeting = view the outcomes of a meeting for a daily standup
  • View Results = view the Retrospective Summary results of a retrospective meeting


Meetings are crucial to keep the established work processes in place. This meetings list offers a timeline view of the meetings held on a certain date. You can see what type of meeting was run, for what team, and in which sprint.

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