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You can view the unassigned backlog to load unassigned work items into sprints and program increments.

To view the unassigned backlog:

  • At any work item level, click the Unassigned Backlog button on the toolbar.

To assign items to a program increment:

  1. On the toolbar, click the Unassigned Backlog button.
  2. Right-click the item you want to assign to the program increment, point to Move To Program Increment, and then select the necessary program increment.

Note: To select more than one item at a time, press and hold the Ctrl (for Windows) or Command (for Mac) key while clicking the items' names.


In the story unassigned backlog, you can search for stories, select a specific program increment backlog, or filter by a specific team.

On the Backlog page, once you select a team from the Select Team(s) drop-down menu and Unassigned Backlog from the Selected Sprints drop-down menu, you will see stories assigned to the selected PI, but not a sprint.

On the Unassigned Backlog slide-out panel, you can search for stories that are in the selected program but the PI is the unassigned backlog.

You can add stories inline by adding the story name and LOE and clicking Add. New stories are placed at the top of the list.

Epics, capabilities, and features

In the feature, capability, and epic unassigned backlog, you can search for epics, capabilities, or features and filter by a program. Additionally, you can filter by a theme, a product, and an epic (for features and capabilities only). To use the additional filter, click Advanced, select the filtering criteria, and then click Apply.


In the theme unassigned backlog, you can search for a specific theme and also prioritize the themes by dragging them.

Right-click menu options

For faster navigation in the unassigned backlog, right-click a work item to do the following:

  • Move To Top: Move the work item to the top of the list the work item is contained in.
  • Move To Bottom: Move the work item to the bottom of the list the work item is contained in.
  • Move To Position: Select the place to move the work item to. It is useful when you have a long list and dragging the work item is not convenient.
  • Move To Program Increment: Move the work item to a certain program increment.
  • Move To Recycle Bin: Move the work item to the recycle bin if you no longer need it.
  • Move To Parking Lot: Move the work item to the parking lot to reserve it for later.

Parking lot

Parking lot is used to reserve work items that have some issues or unanswered questions to come back to them later. You can find the parking lot at the bottom of the list.

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