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The objective actions grid provides a list of open and closed meeting action items for meetings held via the team room, program room, and portfolio room. An action item, created during a meeting, usually identifies a discrete task that must be accomplished, by either an individual or team. The action items serve as a “to do” list, and should be driven to closure in a consistent and timely manner.

Access the objective actions page from either the portfolio objectives, program objectives, or team objectives page by selecting the More Actions button and then selecting View Actions.

To add a new action item:

  1. On the objective actions page, click the Add Action button; the New Add / Edit Actions panel displays.
  2. Enter a name for the action item in the Action Name field.
  3. Enter a description or notes for the action item in the Notes field.
  4. Select an owner for the action item via the Owner drop-down menu.
  5. Select a status, either open or closed, from the Status drop-down menu.
  6. Select a PI for the action item in the Program Increment field.
  7. Select a team for the action in the Portfolio and Program team field. Selecting the [Portfolio Name] Team entry will assign the action to the portfolio so that the action item will display in all Program Rooms for child programs. 
  8. Click Save or Save and Close to add the action to the Objective Actions grid.

Note: The PI and Team assignments made on the action item cannot be changed after creation. 

You can also add a new action item directly from certain meetings, such as the Team of Team / Scrum of Scrums meeting.

  1. Look for the Action Items section and click the + icon to open the New Add / Edit Actions panel to create a new action item on the fly. 


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